TEDxNorthampton Schedule

(Please note this schedule is tentative and subject to change at any time without notice)

Conference Check In – Lipkin Theatre Lobby
9AM to 9:45AM

Conference Opening – Lipkin Theatre

Session One – Lipkin Theatre
10AM to 11:30AM
Talks in This Session:

  • Empowerment Through AI: Building Future-Ready Graduates with Robert Fernandes
  • Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone with Dustin Levy
  • The Word Project with Betsy Jackson
  • Creating Habits for a Successful Life with Nikki Gingrich
  • The Value of Long-Term Solo Travel with Julia Warden
  • When the Air You Breathe is Dangerous with Brian Yang

Conversation Break #1 & Lunch – Lipkin Lobby
11:30AM to 12:30PM

Session Two – Lipkin Theatre
12:45PM to 2PM
Talks in This Session:

  • Listening Across the American Political Divide with Dr. Abigail Michelini
  • D.E.I Work is for Everyone with Franca Roibal-Fernandez
  • Why We Season Our Food with Chef Will Rufe
  • The Power of a Great Educator with Nicholas Snyder
  • The Intersection Between Transportation & Equity with Tatiana Quinones

Conversation Break #2 – Lipkin Lobby
2PM to 2:40PM

Session Three – Lipkin Theatre
2:40PM to 4PM
Talks in This Session:

  • Preserving Intangible Cultural Heritage with Tim Betz
  • Music & Goosebumps with Harold Weiss
  • Harnessing the Power of Luck in Your Life with Shayna Canty
  • Speaking Power with Kathleen Swann-Fisher
  • Hip-Hop Culture as Transformative Edu-tainment with Andrew McIntosh

Conversation Break #3 – Lipkin Lobby
4PM to 4:20PM

Session Four – Lipkin Theatre
4:30PM to 5:45PM
Talks in This Session:

  • The Dual Therapist Model with Dr. Michele Kinderman & Dr. Kelly Yanek
  • A Seat at the Table, The Importance of Belonging with Byrnese Craig
  • How Philosophy Can Comfort Anxiety with Danielle Hanson
  • The Power of Positive Affirmations with Kaitlyn Seawood
  • The Power of Voice with Gregory Offner

Light Refreshments & Closing – Lipkin Lobby & Theatre

This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED.