Gifts for All

NCC spreads cheer through Holiday Bazaar

Mia Rossi,

A way for students to get a few gifts for those they care about this season, the NCC Holiday Bazaars have been a huge hit for more than a decade. Several days in December are reserved for students to come in and choose gifts in designated areas stocked with donated items from NCC faculty and staff. The bazaars feature items like holiday décor, DVDs, jewelry, children’s toys, housewares and more.   

The idea for the bazaar came during a recession, when it was especially tough on students to afford gifts during the holidays. Faculty and staff felt this was something NCC could do to help brighten the lives of students and their families, by letting them “shop” for free. The bazaars serve hundreds of students between three NCC locations.

The Bethlehem bazaar offered the first ten students to arrive at the bazaar each day mugs put together by NCC nursing program students, and they were filled with goodies like hot cocoa, granola bars, candy canes and the like.  All attendees at the bazaar could also enter into a raffle for an ab machine or a children’s bicycle. On Monroe Campus, the Food Court in Pocono Hall was transformed into a shopping center for students. At both campuses, a wrapping station and bagging area was set up for students to put the finishing touches on their gifts. 

Associate Dean of Monroe Campus Precie Schroyer commented that, “Multiple students came up to those of us staffing the bazaar and told us it was wonderful that the college does this for students. A student who’s also a mother told us that we made her daughter's Christmas! When we say NCC is dedicated to student success, we mean that not only academically--and this is just one way that we at NCC can show how much we care for our students and their families.”

The Fowler Family Southside Center held bazaars for current students, non-credit students and future students. The future student bazaar encompassed approximately 60 Pre-K through 3rd graders from Holy Infancy School. In addition to receiving crocheted scarves and head bands, new socks and books, students were also able to select a gift for a family member. NCC dental hygiene students acted as guides for the day. Anything left over from the bazaars at Fowler is donated to Victory House, an organization that serves local homeless men and homeless veterans in Bethlehem. 

Jen Kszak, NCC’s program manager of community programs at Fowler Center said, “It’s all about community, and being able to not only offer it to students but also a group in the community through the Holy Infancy School is very important to us. The kids absolutely love the students who help out with this.”

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