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18 Tips for Career Success

An investment that pays off!

Networking & More:  18 Tips for Career Success

Provided to Northampton Community College students by Robert Howell, General Manager of Shawnee on the Delaware Resort, at the College's "Mocktails & Networking" event on April 28, 2015.

1.       Networking is an investment.

2.       Seventy percent of jobs are found through networking.

3.       People do business with people they know.

4.       You can network in person informally, through fact-finding interviews or through professional or social groups.

5.       You can also network online, on Facebook and on LinkedIn

6.       Networking is about connecting people for mutual good.  It is about giving as well as getting.  If there is no sharing of value, there is no networking.

7.       People avoid networking because they say they have too much work, they don't know anyone, they are afraid of talking to strangers, it cuts into their video game time or their Walking Dead time or their drinking time.  Ditch the excuses!  Refer back to #s 1, 2 and 3.

8.       On the other hand, don't overextend yourself.  If you get involved in too many groups, you may disappoint others or yourself.  Prioritize your commitments.

When networking in person:

1.       Dress professionally.

2.       Look people in the eye.

3.       Greet them with a firm handshake.

4.       Monitor your alcohol intake.  Don't get tipsy!

5.       Be a good listener.  Be interested in what the other person has to say.

6.       Don't talk only to people you know.

7.       Don't blab on about your personal life story.

8.       Have a business card ready to share if appropriate.

9.       If asked for follow-up information, provide it quickly.

10.   Be helpful to the other person whenever you can.