Advancing Hospitality in The Valley

CTA training to be offered at NCC

Mia Rossi,

When we see initials following someone’s name, it generally adds credibility to their skillset. Northampton Community College (NCC) and Discover Lehigh Valley aim to add an extra layer of credibility to all the students who go through their Certified Tourism Ambassador program.

The 4-hour training, set to be held at NCC’s Lehigh Valley sites and Discover Lehigh Valley’s Allentown location, will be for hospitality professionals who want to be experts on what the Lehigh Valley has to offer visitors. Once a student goes through the nationally recognized program, they will have to re-certify each year to maintain the CTA.

The four modules in the training are:

  • The Power of Tourism
  • Discovering the Lehigh Value
  • Exceeding Customer Service
  • Overview of resources, websites and apps.

“The CTA program will provide hospitality associates more pride and passion for the Lehigh Valley as a destination by providing them with more knowledge about the tourism options in our area,” notes David Schweiger, NCC’s director of hospitality management.

Although the training is on the non-credit side of NCC, it will also be integrated into the hospitality program’s for-credit Enhancing Guest Services class, where students will have to go through the 4-hour training as a requirement of the class. 

NCC is still the only community college hospitality program in the commonwealth that is accredited by ACPHA, the national accrediting body for hospitality programs, and the college continues to provide students with opportunities to learning from industry experts in the field.

“Northampton Community College is proud to continue their partnership with Discover Lehigh Valley to provide the CTA to ensure hospitality associates have an in-depth knowledge of the Lehigh Valley destination brand experiences,” said Schweiger.

The program is set to launch in fall 2020. For further information, please contact David Schweiger, Director of the Hospitality Management programs at