BSU Helps at ARK

NCC students provide a delicious meal

Mia Rossi,

For 18 years, NCC has been supporting Trinity ARK Soup Kitchen in Easton, PA by providing monthly meals to the patrons who visit the kitchen. 

On Saturday, February 2, 2019, Gina Turner, professor of psychology and Black Student Union (BSU) Advisor, along with the BSU students came together to provide delectable food for the soup kitchen. They made turkey soup with potatoes, corn and beans, curried chicken and rice. For dessert, they provided cake, cupcakes and brownies. The patrons were grateful to the club for offering a hearty meal.

Turner said, “The students worked hard, seemed to really enjoy it, and want to do it again. I was just proud to be associated with this endeavor!”

Eleven students participated from BSU.   

NCC began working with the Trinity ARK Soup Kitchen as a part of a Community Service Committee effort. NCC’s focus on hunger and community engagement brought Deb Bohr, director of the Center for Civic & Community Engagement for NCC, to the Trinity Episcopal Church and the soup kitchen. The Community Service Committee dedicated themselves to the preparation of meals. Eventually, NCC volunteers were serving patrons at the kitchen the first Saturday of every month during the fall and spring semesters.

“As a brand-new club, Gina Turner and the Black Student Union chose Trinity ARK Soup Kitchen as their first act of service, supporting a tradition at NCC,” says Bohr.