Class of 2020: Brandon Walters


Brandon Walters, of York, Pennsylvania, knows what his dream job is:  to work with a professional sports team, specifically on the marketing side.  At NCC, he has landed on base as he works his way to a home run: his ideal career.

A sports management major, Walters says that the most interesting thing about the sports management program was being able to interact with the athletic department at NCC and go behind the scenes to actually see parts of how the department handles its responsibilities. 

“The sports management classes are run by great instructors that have real life experience in the field. All of the instructors are very engaging, and they will always be there to help and assist with any problems you may experience. The classes you take to obtain your sports management degree will give you a great overview, covering all the different jobs you could get,” he says.

He loved being on NCC’s baseball team and learned at the College to balance athletics with academics.  He looks forward to continuing to play the game at his transfer school, Bloomsburg University, on an athletics scholarship.

To Walters, NCC has been an enlightening experience. "After being at NCC for two years I have matured significantly since I arrived on campus. I have learned what it takes to be successful and ultimately what I want to do with my life when I graduate from college."