Class of 2020: Brianna Stewart


“I chose meeting and event planning as my major because I was always interested in it.  The program was so unique and so enjoyable because of all the opportunities we had to gain hands-on experience, as well as the people we got to network with,” says Brianna Stewart, a resident of Stroudsburg and student on NCC’s Monroe Campus.

But of all the experiences Stewart looked forward to at NCC, she never thought she would get to be an extern at Emeril Lagasse’s restaurants in New Orleans, in fall 2020!  Her favorite part was seeing how everything came together in the Beer, Bourbon and Boudin Festival and Dinner Reception Gala at the Ernest Convention Center.

“The trip to New Orleans allowed me to see all of my career options,” she says.  "I was able to see, firsthand, different work environments.  This really helped me to broaden my vision of what I wanted my career to be like.  It got me even more excited to work in the event industry!”

Taken together, Stewart feels that the hospitality program has given her many opportunities to grow professionally and personally.  She learned that it can be a springboard to many careers and that students can continue their educations at other colleges. 

“The faculty is amazing,” she says.  “I have never had a professor who didn’t want to see students succeed.”  She recommends that other students take advantage of their professor’s knowledge and connections.

As president of the Hospitality Club at NCC, Stewart learned even more about creativity and leadership. 

“My experiences at NCC have definitely changed me for the better, personally and professionally,” she says.

After graduating, Stewart plans to continue her education at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  Her ambition is to be part of an event-planning team that markets and advertises its events to its respective audiences.