Class of 2020: Emmanuel Akubu


Emmanuel Akubu, of Philadelphia, loves playing basketball so much that he likes to stay to watch the next game even after he has finished his own.  He relishes learning about new sports as well.

On the strong recommendation of his high school guidance counselor, he enrolled at NCC, choosing a sports management major. 

To new NCC students, he says, “stay active as much as you can and get involved so you can learn a lot.”  He urges students to stay on top of their work and manage their time with other activities.

Like many NCC graduates Akubu found NCC to be a life-changing experience. “The people I met at NCC definitely changed me into a better person” who works hard for his dreams and never gives up, but keeps his head up and keeps moving forward.

During his time at NCC, Emmanuel worked in the fitness/rec department, and is described by Sheri Bollinger, director of fitness, as a very valuable asset in managing the Fitness Center and Open Gym.

He will continue his education at Penn State, Lehigh Valley, towards the goal of obtaining a bachelor’s degree.  He looks forward to a career as a sports recruiting agent, but is also open to other ideas.