Class of 2020: Joeann Gerrard


Although Gerrard began her NCC academic career as a nursing major, her math professor took her aside and told her she was so skilled with numbers that she should consider accounting.  “I went home and thought about it and decided to take his advice,” she says.  “The most unique thing about my major (business administration and accounting) is how the classes are linked like a puzzle; you can’t do one without the other.” 

When the Tannersville resident and Monroe Campus student began, she faced challenges.  Her husband was not with her, and she had two children to care for and a job.  “I pushed on, and my husband is now here, which made my last few semesters easier.” 

Believing in a well-rounded education, Gerrard supplemented classroom learning with NCC clubs.  She participated in the Black Student Union, and the honor society PTK.  “My involvement with clubs made me a better person while helping people.  I was able to advocate for programs that I believe will be inclusive for all students, be it religion, race, sex, etc.” 

Gerrard plans to pursue her bachelor’s degree in business administration and a minor in accounting, at East Stroudsburg University, with the goal of becoming a hospital administrator.  Ultimately, she would like to open her own business. 

She advises students going into business fields to love the profession and be patient.  She also recommends keeping updated on current events and reading the Wall Street Journal. 

Try to follow the NCC order of classes, as they are related,” she says.  “The faculty and staff at NCC are one-in-a-million.  They are well-learned, and I will miss them all.”