Class of 2020: Kim Gallo


Having dealt with many family health and personal crises, while growing up on a tiny island in the Pacific Northwest,  Kim Gallo thought that she would never be able go to college.  Yet, when she and her family moved to Monroe County, Pennsylvania, she saw the opening of the beautiful new Monroe Northampton Community College campus near her home as a driver signaling her  to continue her education.   

“Due in part to my extreme stubbornness,” she says, “I have worked to meet each hurdle with a mind open to growth experience and know that every difficulty I face prepares me to help others who face similar challenges.” 

Her immediate goal is to transfer to East Stroudsburg University to prepare to be a high school earth and space science teacher.  Then, she plans to earn advanced degrees to enter the higher education world.  She also wants to establish a low-cost community performance program in her region. 

She recommends that all students talk with their advisor.  She calls hers the “THE AMAZING Dr. Nancy Moreau”  She says about Dr. Moreau that “She is a super-human who genuinely cares for each of her students.”  Gallo tells students to “PARTICIPATE!  Do not wait for life to hand you what you want.  GO GET IT!” 

As a leader, Gallo has served important roles in too many organizations—on campus and off—to name here.  Some of them are president of the Monroe Campus SGA, student senator, president of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society, and Monroe Campus peer supporter.   

She has completed LEAD and LEAD 2.0, as well as the Honors Program, She is a trained and certified Academic Coach, and has worked as a tutor in the MCLC, as well as in the Monroe Math Lab as a paraeducatorAdditionally, she has participated in honors and leadership conferences in Pennsylvania and other states.  She has participated in many committees to run events such as Earth Day and many more.  She won the Middle States Region Speech Contest in 2019. 

She says that at NCC she has learned to be a servant leader.  “I have helped others find the same quality in themselves,” she says.