Clubfest 2020

Springing into the semester at Monroe Campus

Mia Rossi,


A new winner every fifteen minutes? Sign-me up! Over 75 students signed up to win free Amazon gift cards, Target gift cards and more as they walked into the Monroe Campus Clubfest Welcome Back Party on January 16. 

Students discovered ways they could get involved on campus throughout their time at Northampton Community College (NCC). Science Club had a product at their table called Glo Germ, and it was a biology lover’s dream! The Science Club students told their table’s visitors to put some on their hands and use a black light to see what germs are left on your hands after washing them. Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honor Society had a “Price Is Right” Game to guess which college gave what amount in scholarships to PTK members. Students who played found out that thousands of dollars in scholarships are offered to students to attend area colleges and universities just for being active in PTK! Hospitality Club created homemade pineapple shaped chocolates, and students learned that the pineapple is the symbol of hospitality. That’s pretty neat!

Attendees ended the festivities by signing a mural that will be hung for all to see. The “I Am…” mural allowed people to write what they stand for, feel and more, a fantastic form of expression and empowerment to start their semester.

Check out all the images from the event here.