Meet Rowdy

Rowdy loves wearing hoodies and playing with his toy monkeys!

Your name:   Crystal Hansler

Job title/department:   CNA/Medical Assistant


What is your dog’s name?   Rowdy


How old is your dog?   He was 6 on Oct. 9th


Pure breed or mixed mutt?   Pure bred...Pug


What is your dog’s gender?   Male


Describe your dog in three words:   Hyper, stubborn, loyal


What is the thing your dog cannot live without?   Besides me, anyone of his gazillion monkeys!


Can your dog do tricks? If so, what?   Yes...sit, come, stop, and he can say "I love you" (He really does, I have videos 😀)


What is the best trick your dog has taught you?   No matter what life hands you, love he gives is unconditional.


Do you have a nickname for your dog?   Puggie monster


Does your dog enjoy bath time?   Ya..he takes big boy showers


You know your dog is in a good mood when he/she does this:    His tail, which is called "oinkie" is curled super tight. (A cinnamon bun)


Your dog’s favorite spot to hangout is:   Right next to me or the big boy bed


Favorite toy:   His 4ft tall Paul Frank monkey


One habit you would love to change:   His stubbornness


Does your dog prefer to play with people, or other dogs?    Either, he's very social


Does your dog like children?    Absolutely 


If you could ask your dog one question and they’d be able to answer it, what would it be?   Out of all your favorite cartoons (my little pony, puppy dog pals, littlest pet shop) which one is your sure thing favorite?
I bet he'd say, little pony. He has 2 Rainbow Dash stuffed dolls lol


Can your dog read your emotions?   For sure!


Funniest moment you’ve had with your dog:   He loves wearing day he was super hyper and his hood fell over his face, long story short...he ran head first into the door frame! He was dazed for a few seconds lol.. but continued on.


What is the most rewarding aspect of owning your dog?   The comfort, friendship, and he's out of this world personality


Additional Comments:   He loves his puppy spa days and shopping...loves car rides and walkies. And as previously stated...monkeys!