Meet Bella, Mallory and Willie

Bella, Mallory and Willie play dead when it's time to go out in the rain or into their crate!

Bella, Mallory and Willie

 Your name:   Christine Behm

 Job title/department:   Assistant Director of Education

 What is your dog’s name?   Bella, Mallory and Willie

 How old is your dog?   9,4,13 respectively

 Pure breed or mixed mutt?   Bella is a beagle/Springer Spaniel, Mallory is Beagle/dachshund, Willie is a pure bred mini poodle

 What is your dog’s gender?   Girl, Girl, Willie is a boy

 Describe your dog in three words:   Loving, Silly. Adorable

 What is the thing your dog cannot live without?    They are best friends and cannot LIVE without each other- they sleep together on their own bed, a miniature sleigh toddler bed and they all wait for each other to get out of bed each day to run downstairs and play. Bella is blind so the other two take care of her and wait for her to come down the steps- one is always in front and one is always in back of her.

 Can your dog do tricks? If so, what?   Yes- they all have the ability to play dead when it is time to go out in the rain or to go into the crate- . they literally fall over like they are dead and you have to poke them to get them to move.

 What is the best trick your dog has taught you?   How to be compassionate and patient and accept those who are challenged. Each day is something different with my misfit mutts but they bring joy to me daily. I have more photos of my dogs than I do of my two sons and husband.

 Do you have a nickname for your dog? Miss B, MallyMoo, Silly Willy

 Does your dog enjoy bath time?  Mallory and Willy, No. Bella runs to the tub and we call it her spa day- she would stay in until the water evaporated if she could.

 You know your dog is in a good mood when he/she does this:    Smiles as they are running around the house or as they all push their way on to a lap- usually mine

 Your dog’s favorite spot to hangout is:   on the couch or in my lap- they always think there is room for all of them.

 Favorite toy:   Me and my husband

 One habit you would love to change:   nothing- they are perfect

 Does your dog prefer to play with people, or other dogs?    They play together all day so I am their new toy when we get home.

 Does your dog like children?   LOVES children- they think they are NEW PLAY TOYS

 If you could ask your dog one question and they’d be able to answer it, what would it be?    Have I made your life better by bringing your home from the shelter, the way that you have made my life better?

 Can your dog read your emotions?    Absolutely!

 Funniest moment you’ve had with your dog:   We live in a community with no sidewalks or streetlights so one day the UPS guy was coming up the street. He stopped at our house to drop off packages and the three dogs, including Bella-(the blind one), ran up the driveway past the driver barking all the way and jumped into the UPS truck. They thought he was taking them for a ride! The UPS truck sounds like our RV sometimes as it is idling.

 What is the most rewarding aspect of owning your dog? Each of them picked me, so the most rewarding part is that they chose me to be their fur-ever MAMA and Papa