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Earth Day 2015

"There's No Place Like Home"

Northampton Community College celebrated Earth Day at the "There's No Place Like Home" festival on Tuesday, April 21,  in  Laub Lounge. This year's event featured make-your-own samples of all-natural alternative products like laundry detergent, mosquito repellent, plant pesticide and fungicide, bubble bath, air freshener/potpourri, and window cleaner.

Participants enjoyed many other hands-on activities and workshops, such as plant-and-take-home your own houseplant or herb garden; make your own candles, birdfeeders and aquaponics system; build-a-bottle house, and rock painting. A free-cycle clothing table, a recycling game with prizes, and info tables about how to compost at home, fracking, GMOs, Meatless Mondays, hiking, keeping an organic pet, corals and rocks were also part of the celebration, as well as a recycled plant sale. And did we mention the free lemonade, tofu hotdogs and popcorn?

See more photos of the fun in this Flickr gallery. And check out the TV coverage from WFMZ.