End Violence, Promote Consent

Enough Is Enough Week 2019

Mia Rossi,

Students, faculty and staff brought awareness to societal violence during Enough Is Enough Week, held on both Monroe and Bethlehem campuses from April 1 – 5.

Activities on both campuses promoted mental and physical wellness and clarity during yoga sessions, healthy eating sessions like Health Hacks to Keep Your Mind on Track, Beyond Women’s Health sessions, and more. 

Some other activities dealt with the topic of sexual violence. NCC was lit up in teal on Tuesday to support victims of sexual assault. Male students wore red heels to Walk A Mile in Her Shoes and ban together to show support and respect for women in society. Sex Olympics taught healthy sexual practices.

Zero Shades of Gray, held on both campuses, brought speakers in from Collegiate Empowerment a company that holds seminars and retreats inspiring and uplifting students. Attendees were told to say the first thing that came to mind when they heard words like “boundaries” or “sex,” and the audience had very diverse responses from “scary” to “not before marriage.” When they were asked to respond to “sexual assault,” one student said, “men who assault women are weak,” a powerful response to the words.

Speaker, Marian Barshinger, 2014 NCC graduate, told students to, “Imagine if you were told ‘just be safe and responsible’ instead of ‘stop, drop and roll,’ when you learned about what to do if you catch fire. Kids need explicit directions to know exactly what to do in emergency situations. Be concrete and very specific with what you want or don’t want. Giving someone direction is just as important when it comes to adults and sex.” Ask for consent throughout an interaction, and it can be in a sensual way that doesn’t take either party out of the moment. Saying things like, “Can I kiss you?,” “Are you enjoying yourself?” “Do you like that?,” are all important for consent.

Her big take away was, “Consent is sexy, and consent is mandatory.” There are Zero Shades of Gray. It’s black and white. Watch this smart and funny video that shows consent is as easy as tea.

People shared their stories of violence and pledged to put a stop to this at schools during These Hands Don’t Hurt, on both campuses. The Clothesline Project on Bethlehem Campus where t-shirts were hung for everyone to see with messages from people who shared their encounters or experiences with violence.

NCC hopes to continue to promote a healthy and positive campus environment promoting safety and care for ourselves and others.

To view pictures from the events, click here.