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Five Things that Great Managers Do to Increase Productivity

What makes a great manager?

Ann Raines, associate director, CBI Leadership Development,

CBI Leadership Development

Over more than twenty years, it has been my distinct pleasure to work with managers and leaders in local and national organizations, and a message comes through clearly about what works best for most in regard to winning the will of their followers toward high productivity.  In David Letterman style, I am pleased to share my perspective on the five things make the most significant difference that great managers do. 

5.  They advocate for their employees regarding resources, training, ideas and challenges.  They make sure that, to the best of their ability, barriers to productivity are removed and all the necessary tools and information are present.

4.  They set goals that are realistically challenging; not impossible, but certainly requiring some stretching from the employees.  Goals are set with employees.  Expectations are set before they can be disappointed.

3.  They provide feedback that is useful, constructive, and frequent.  Through the feedback, they demonstrate respect and appreciation for who the employee is and what the employee has done.  Conversations focus on development of strength.

2.  They know their employees, specifically what strengths they possess, what motivates them, and how best to communicate with them.  Utilization of personnel decisions are made based upon the unique personalities and talents of the individuals.

1.  They listen.  More than they speak, they listen.  They ask great questions and commit to hearing whatever answer they are given.  Everything above would not be possible without this one.  Great communication starts with great listening.  It is easy to fill in what we don't know with assumptions, but the truly great managers and leaders don't need to do that because they know the importance of active listening, and how to do it.

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