Guitar Intensive

Six students build guitars in a jiffy!

Mia Rossi,

What do a veteran, cabinet maker, two band members and a doctor have in common? They all have a love of music and working with their hands, which brought them to a non-credit class at Northampton Community College (NCC)!

Student Guitar Making

The week of August 5 through August 9, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., five students built an OM Long Scale 25.4" guitar from scratch in the Fowler Family Southside Center’s FabLab. The Lab kept the class size small to give each student individualized training and attention for this 40-hour intensive training. William Mitchell, instructor at the FabLab, taught the class with the help of Sean Brandle, Fab Lab Technician. “Students crafted the body completely along with the fingerboard. They took part in a neck carving demonstration, set the neck to the body, and got the guitar ready for the finishing process. We set the instrument up and had it playing by the end of the week! It was a very exciting week with a lot of work, but also, the students gained a lot of knowledge on the craft of guitar building,” said Mitchell, owner of Guitar Parlor in Easton, PA.

This is the first year NCC’s FabLab offered a one-week guitar building class. Many students requested a class where they could build a guitar in a short period of time. They have other class offerings and luthier classes on their website.  

Watch the short video segment on WFMZ.