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Hartzell Technology Hall... What's That?

NCC's secret gem

by Karen Parker, associate professor of electronics technology,

The first few weeks of school are already over. In that first week came an interesting reminder from an interesting source. A student who was in the electronics lab for the first time to take an elective for a different program commented on how surprised she was at what she discovered. She had arrived early and explored the building for the first time.  

Hartzell Technology Hall is an overlooked gem at NCC. We are located as far north as you can go on the Bethlehem Campus, so students don't usually happen into the building by accident. We are a collection of programs that involve learning by doing. In order of a walk through are labs for CAD, welding, HVACR, mechanical, instrumentation, electronics, electrical, PLC's, and solar power. If you walk out the back door, you will find a noncredit training center for line workers, telephone poles and all.  

These programs are designed so that the skill set students acquire can get them employed-related upon completion, if not sooner. The programs are rigorous, each in their own way. When you are aware of where these skill sets are applied, you want that to be the case. When I cross a bridge or step into a skyscraper, I hope the welders knew what they were doing. When I'm in a hospital, I hope the electronics are maintained and working properly. When I'm in an airplane I hope the electromechanical system is well constructed and maintained. I want my autonomous vehicle to work properly. I want the SpaceX rocket to land safely. You get the idea.  

Most of these credentials are transferrable to four-year degree programs that fall under the umbrella of the BSET, a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology. There are masters in some of these majors as well.  

If you have any interest in these areas or just want to see what we do, please wander over. Most labs have windows exposing them to visitors and there is always someone willing to guide you through.

A technology programs fall information session will be held at Northampton Community College's Bethlehem Campus on November 8, 2018 @ 5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. in Room 130 A - D, Alumni Hall, Gates Center. Learn how you can pursue a career and degree in the exciting, fast growing field of technology or transfer to a related four-year college program.

Karen Parker at NCC's Hartzell Technology Hall