Just NCC?

It’s Not JUST Community College

Mia Rossi,

As a part of their fall 2019 enrollment campaign, Marketing and Communications at Northampton Community College (NCC) decided to create a video that paints a clear picture of what it means to choose to study at NCC. 

The idea came to mind when a staff member overheard a student saying, “We’re JUST going to NCC next year,” as if it was not their first choice. Many have heard the stereotypes. This is the 13th grade. It’s going to be easy. It’s less than because it’s community college. It’s my safety school if I don’t get into others. Based on these misconceptions, the video was born.

“We wanted the tone of this piece to be edgy. The video points out all the great things about NCC in a more deliberate way when compared to other colleges,” said Shane Baglini, associate director of program marketing at NCC.

The “JUST” video, that you can watch on YouTube here, dismisses all of that thinking. The message is delivered by a student who knows what it’s like to attend NCC, and he gives reasons to be proud of attending this esteemed community college. The video takes the notion that community college is something you settle for and turns it on its head.

It’s not JUST NCC. It’s a really smart choice.