Keeping campus safe during COVID

Access to campuses limited; identification cards required

As NCC continues to take the necessary steps to keep its campus community safe during the pandemic, access to campuses will be limited to students who are attending classes, seeking support services, using the bookstore or preparing to go to classes. Faculty and staff members will be permitted on campus but the general public will not be allowed to access campus facilities.

In conjunction with this effort, the college is introducing an identification (ID) card protocol. As part of the protocol all students, faculty, and staff will be required to display their ID at all times while on campus. Identification cards must be worn above the waist with the use of a lanyard, badge reel, or badge holder.

Students may receive a free lanyard at any campus health screening station.

Students, faculty, or staff members that do not have a valid NCC ID (lost, can’t locate) can receive one by following the NCC contactless ID guidelines.  Individuals who fail to display a valid NCC ID card will not be permitted on campus.