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Lisa Glover: Biotechnology Alumni

As a nontraditional student, Lisa came back to school to learn Biotechnology

"NCC's biotechnology program has helped me get into things I never dreamed of as a nontraditional student," says Lisa Glover.

 A retired dancer with a B.A. in English, Lisa returned to school to find a new career.  Her father had been a cancer researcher, but passed away before the human genome had been sequenced.  "I realized that the sequencing would have been a game changer in his research," she said.  Taught dedication and persistence by her father, she chose a career in scientific research.  

In her first class with Professor Barbara Bielska, she learned biotechnology's many applications and employment opportunities at numerous companies in the Lehigh Valley, Eastern Pennsylvania and Western New Jersey.  She prepared for these opportunities by doing exciting research at NCC.  For instance, she made a biofuel out of sunflower seeds and in a joint NCC/Lehigh University project, converted a fatty acid into a biofuel by using an enzyme.   

Lisa also did an industrial project on a company, learning industrial procedures and safety, regulations, use of raw materials and shipping a product.   She is now a graduate student at Lehigh University who hopes to earn a master's or Ph.D. in bioengineering.  Biotechnology has many applications, she explains, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and food and fuel production.   "I am following a path I never dreamed of as a nontraditional student," she says.  "I found a home at NCC.  It is a wonderful school where everyone can start on a new path."