Monroe Student Awards Reception

Building a stronger campus community

Mia Rossi,

“College should be a diverse place where service is encouraged, and today, we continue the tradition of celebrating and honoring these things. We are a better place and a stronger community for all you have done students.”


As Matt Connell, dean of Monroe Campus, made his inspirational opening remarks to a room full of students, faculty, staff and families on April 25, everyone cheered for the students that were involved with campus activities and organizations that made a difference this year on Monroe’s Campus.  


Connell had all students in the room who’ve been part of a club or organization stand up to be recognized for their achievements. They were thanked for their events and fundraisers that added to campus life this year.


Awards like All-PA Academic Team, where only 47 transfer students were awarded state-wide and two were from the Monroe Campus, were presented at the ceremony. Intramural sports winners, Team GOATS, Team PBS kids and Team Prime, all took home awards for club excellence. Peer Supporters, some of whom were on duty during the ceremony, were recognized for their strides to help others on campus. They are student leaders who support other students, whether that be directing to counseling services, helping them navigate around campus, and any other help their peers may need.


Some students who accepted awards shared their stories of how they gave back to the campus community. “Get in, get out, and get a degree—that didn’t happen to me when I came here. I couldn’t help but to get involved,” said Brian Nielsen, a student senator.  


Because of these students and their outstanding creativity, passion and energy, Monroe Campus had a year full of amazing campus and community events. Their hard work did not go unrecognized, which was made clear in this ceremony filled with cheers and applause.


See images from the event here.


A full list of winners from the Student Awards Reception are as follows:


Public Speaking Contest Winners – Chris Brown and Tai Goodwin-Okaome

Hite Scholarship – Ashley Klosterman

All-PA Academic Team – Cody Geddings and Na-Quasia Dickerson

CIE Pitch Competition – Brian Duben

PTK Convention Awards:

Paragon Chapter Advisor Award - Belinda Bartholomew 

Distinguished Chapter Advisor Award - Miles Harris 
Chapter President Hall of Fame - Kim Gallo 
Middle States Region Officer Candidate Speech Winner - Kim Gallo
Middle States Regional President Candidate - Kim Gallo 
Pennsylvania President Candidate - David Maldonado 
Regional Officer Candidate's Campaign Manager Certificate- Brian Nielsen and Casey Maldonado
Chapter Awards for Beta Beta Chi
5 Star Chapter Certificate 
Distinguished Chapter Officer Team Award 
Distinguished Chapter Award 
College Project Award 
Gold Chapter Award

Athletics Certificates

Basketball- Marven Thomas and Esteban Smith

Indoor Soccer- Nathaniel De Souza, Anthony Henry, Joshua Stoner, Jakub Murawski, Michal Murawski

Dodgeball - Jimmy Ocasio, Kassandra Giraldo, Zion Murunga, Brighton Adindu, Brandon Griffith, Che Leonsing, Marven Thomas

Ping Pong -Deokumar Kalapnath

Enrollment - Cody Geddings

Community Education - Christine Miller and Catherine Onofrey

Peer Supporters - Denrick Buentipo, Courtney Lutes, Cody Geddings, Erin Cusumano, Jessica Davis, Kimberly Gallo, Victoria Kunkel, Kimberly Fraser, Jasmil Martinez, Ronald Lamas, Vinnie Lopez, Devin Kovach, Sefa Ozbek, AJ Sarmiento, Breena Quier, Michael Formato, Kaitlyn Wilson, Thomas Kuriakose, Harry Martinez

New Senator Officers:

President- Kim Gallo

VP-Jaeden Guarrasi

Treasurer- Vic Collado

PR- Kassidy Fabrocino

Student Life and Leadership Development Award - Kim Gallo

Silent Impact - Marsha Rodgers

Quetcy Dueno Leadership - Brian Nielsen and Jessica Davis

Club of the Year -HOLA

Club Advisor of the Year – HOLA advisor, James Colon