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Monroe Campus Celebrates Earth Day!

Earth Day Flash MobWhen the familiar melody of the song "Gangnam Style" suddenly broke out in the cafeteria on April 23, students grabbing an early lunch before class looked around in surprise as people, clad in matching NCC t-shirts, began dancing. But they weren't doing it "Gangnam Style." They were doing it "eco-style" in honor of Earth Day, complete with dance moves incorporating sign language for "recycle" and "planet!"

The flash mob dance was part of the Earth Day Celebration created by Dr. Beatriz Villar's contemporary biology honors students.

"Dr. Villar challenged us to do more and more. It kept growing," student Carla Garis said of the event, held a day after Earth Day.

The students created information tables and displays about cleaning products, personal body care, plastics in the ocean, recycling, habitat destruction, pollution, birds, invasive plant species, and local farms. Children from the Hannig Center were invited to get their hands dirty by planting their own seeds to take home with them.

"The biggest problem we noticed on campus is the lack of recycling," Garis added. "Students are tossing recyclables into the garbage. We are creating posters to raise awareness."Earth Day Disply

View more photos in this photo gallery. Check out an 8-second snippet of the flash mob dance on Instagram.