Pet-of-the-Day - Meet Alley and Ashley

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  • April 21, 2020

Alley acts like your basic alley cat... Ashley is a DIVA!

Your name:       Joan Schliewenz

Job title/department:     Receptionist-Secretary/Monroe Campus Learning Center

What kind of pet do you have (dog, cat, bird, etc.)?       Cat(s)

What is your pet’s name?     Alley Cat and Ashley Feline

How did you come up with this name?    Alley acts like your basic alley cat: eats, sleeps, purrs, and uses the litter box. She is a lap cat when she wants to be. Ashley is a DIVA! Hence she became "Lady Ashley" early on.

How old is your pet?   These sisters are 12 years old

What is your pet’s gender?   Females

Describe your pet in three words:    Alley: I be cat. Ashley: Feed me now

What is the thing your pet cannot live without?     Alley: her beat-up mouse cat toy which she uses to play fetch with the humans. Ashley: catnip, especially spray catnip on her cardboard ramp

Can your pet do tricks? If so, what?     Alley does amazing gymnastic moves with the beat-up mouse, as well as sliding on the hardwood floor to get to the mouse. Ashley's trick is to make me do whatever she wants when she wants!

What is the best trick your pet has taught you?    How to give in (which is a bad thing), how to stay immobilized if either is on my lap, and how fast I can grab a camera or cell phone camera to capture their moments. At feeding time Alley knows I use a particular fork which is usually in the dishwasher. She has figured out how to pull the door of the dishwasher down (after I unlatch it) and lean toward the section where that fork always is.

Do you have a nickname for your pet?   Alley is sometimes just "cat," especially if I'm annoyed with her. Ashley is "Lady Ashley" and she expects a curtsy when addressed as such.

You know your pet is in a good mood when he/she does this:    Purring, of course, and curling up with each other and hissing or growling.

Your pet’s favorite spot to hangout is:   The back of my recliner or on the bed at or during the night. Ashley especially likes Big Bang Theory or Two and a Half Men repeats before we fall asleep.

Favorite toy:   Alley, the beat-up mouse. Ashley, the plastic rings from milk cartons. If I say the word "ring" she gets ready to play with it when I throw it to her.

One habit you would like to change: After the alarm goes off in the morning both cats start "moaning" or "talking" as if I wouldn't remember to feed them when I get up.

Does your pet prefer to play with people, or other animals?    People, but only a select few (they are indoor cats). They mainly respond to my son who is a cat whisperer and rescuer.

Does your pet like children?   No

If you could ask your pet one question and they’d be able to answer it, what would it be?    Are you secretly laughing at me when you change your behavior pattern and make me change mine accordingly?

Can your pet read your emotions?     Too much so! When they sensed our older cat, Mr. Spock, was going to die, they curled up with him on my lap; all 3 cats, which never happened. That afternoon after he was gone, both cats curled up on my lap after I got home (which they never did in tandem) and Ashley, who had never purred, started purring. Scary but also comforting.

Funniest moment you’ve had with your pet:    Ashley "hid" under the afghan blanket on our couch and thought I couldn't find her. That same day Alley hid under the quilt on our bed, again thinking I couldn't find her. Once each was discovered, she ran into another room, poste-haste, as if she was discovered doing something wrong.

What is the most rewarding aspect of owning your pet?   It has to be the purring and when one or both are sleeping and curled into those little round "cat balls." Their mission seems to be to keep me calm, or calm me down when needed.

Additional comments: For the past nearly 25 years, my husband and I have had cats. When we took our first vacation together, about 3 days into it I missed our cats, but didn't tell him because I didn't want him to laugh at me. That evening at dinner he said, "You're going to think I'm crazy, but I miss the cats."