Pet-of-the-Day - Meet Chloe

  • General
  • April 23, 2020

Chloe loves to sleep on shoes, even though she has her own cat bed!

Your name:       Laura Bauer

Job title/department:     Assistant Director, CBI Leadership Development

What kind of pet do you have (dog, cat, bird, etc.)?       Cat

What is your pet’s name?     Chloe

How did you come up with this name?    Her foster family named her "Tigger", but we just didn't feel like it matched her sweet and feminine personality. "Chloe" just sort of came to us out of the blue and seemed like the right fit!

How old is your pet?   Just turned 15! (76 in cat years)

What is your pet’s gender?   Female

Describe your pet in three words:    Lovable, friendly, and content

What is the thing your pet cannot live without?     Her cardboard scratch post and her cat treats!

Can your pet do tricks? If so, what?     No tricks! She pretty much just lays around all day and when we get home, she cuddles with either me or my kids.

Do you have a nickname for your pet?   Princess, or my Little Supermodel (because of her beautiful markings)

You know your pet is in a good mood when he/she does this:   Happy Paws! (when she kneads)

Your pet’s favorite spot to hangout is:   My son's bedroom is the warmest room in our house. She loves laying on blankets that we put right next to the heating vent. In the summer, she stays away from the vent and blankets and chooses a shoe, magazine, box, or any other uncomfortable item to lay on. We have no idea why she does this when she has a perfectly good cat bed!

Favorite toy:   Chloe is just not interested in toys anymore! She used to love playing with a feather on the end of a stick but she seems to be over it at this point.

One habit you would like to change:     Every once in a while, Chloe will find a plastic bag/sleeping bag/blanket and decide to relieve herself on it. That is really annoying.

Does your pet prefer to play with people, or other animals?    She loves her humans! We adopted Chloe with her brother Rudy, who passed away 5 years ago. They used to chase each other and play, but since Rudy passed away, Chloe has been on her own (and we think she is happier that way!). She is an independent girl.

Does your pet like children?   Yes

If you could ask your pet one question and they’d be able to answer it, what would it be?    Why do you choose to sleep on uncomfortable and smelly shoes instead of the nice cat bed we bought you?

Can your pet read your emotions?     Yes! I think Chloe can sense when anyone in our family is sad or upset, and she usually comes out to cuddle.

What is the most rewarding aspect of owning your pet?   Chloe is just a sweet girl, and we all love having her around. Most cats hide all the time. Chloe is always out, even when we have people over. She loves cuddling and just hanging out with her humans. She has been with my husband and I for most of our married life (we were married for only 2 years when we adopted her). We've moved multiple times, had 2 kids - I can't imagine our life without her!