Pet-of-the-Day - Meet Marco Guiseppe

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  • June 22, 2020

Marco Guiseppe has his daily routine set!

Your name:       Annie Laurie Meyers

Job title/department:     Professor/Business & Paralegal Studies

What kind of pet do you have (dog, cat, bird, etc.)?       Cat

What is your pet’s name?     Marco Guiseppe

How did you come up with this name?    He already was named Marco, but I added a middle name in honor of my father, Joseph. In Italian, Guiseppe

How old is your pet?  10

What is your pet’s gender?   Male

Describe your pet in three words:    Very friendly and pesty

What is the thing your pet cannot live without?     Checking out the garage and the sun room several times a day.

Can your pet do tricks? If so, what?     No tricks, lots of sleeping

What is the best trick your pet has taught you?      Know when to slow down and relax.

Do you have a nickname for your pet?   Duke of Yale (I live on Yale Court)

You know your pet is in a good mood when he/she does this:   Doing laps throughout the house and up the stairs!

Your pet’s favorite spot to hangout is:   Sunroom left edge of the sofa

Favorite toy:   Anything he can find and play with; at least for awhile

One habit you would like to change:    Scratching my banister

Does your pet prefer to play with people, or other animals?    Both, with me and his sister, Lydia Lynne

Does your pet like children?   Yes

If you could ask your pet one question and they’d be able to answer it, what would it be?    Are you happy living with me.

Can your pet read your emotions?     Yes........

Funniest moment you’ve had with your pet:     Watching him grazing and eating the grass

What is the most rewarding aspect of owning your pet?   Unconditional Love

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