Pet-of-the-Day - Meet Milo, Lewis and Panda

  • General
  • April 7, 2020

They all know the sit command...even the cat!

Your name:     Andrea Marcolla

Job title/department:     Counseling

What kind of pet do you have (dog, cat, bird, etc.)?     2 dogs, 1 cat

What is your pet’s name?    Milo, Lewis and Panda

How did you come up with this name?    Milo and Lewis were random and Panda made the most sense as she is black and white.

How old is your pet?   8, 4 and 1

What is your pet’s gender?    Male, male, female

Describe your pet in three words:    My best friends.

What is the thing your pet cannot live without?     Their mama

Can your pet do tricks? If so, what?      Sit (all of them…even Panda the cat), spin, paw

What is the best trick your pet has taught you?    Downward dog.

Do you have a nickname for your pet?     Silly butts.

You know your pet is in a good mood when he/she does this:     Greets me at the door.

Your pet’s favorite spot to hangout is:     In the sun...or on their pillows.

Favorite toy:     Fetch toys.

Does your pet prefer to play with people, or other animals?    Both!

Does your pet like children?     Yes

What is the most rewarding aspect of owning your pet?   All of them love me unconditionally and always make me happy.