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You're Not the Only One Dreaming of Spring!

Pet of the Week

Meet Biko, the African Sulcata tortoise of Karen Klein, biology professor. Biko is longing for spring.  Can you relate?


Biko is affectionate and inquisitive, loves to have her head rubbed, and her favorite treats are watermelon rinds. During the warmer months, she lives outside in our fenced-in back yard. On deceptively sunny winter days she paces the windows to be let out!

We've had her since she was a hatchling and at 9 years old she is still growing. Currently she weighs 15 pounds. During the winter she has free range of our first floor - no cages for her! Biko shares our home with our two dogs, Benny and Pearl. She can often be found sleeping with them.

Is your feline truly the cat's meow? Does your pooch put Lassie to shame? Or is your ferret fantastic? Your goldfish great? If so, your pet could be NCC's Pet of the Week! E-mail a photo along with a paragraph about what makes your pet special to Katherine Noll at