Philosopher’s Café

Tent set up in Bethlehem Quad talks philosophy

Mia Rossi,

Philosopher's Cafe

On October 1, during the events held for the Annual NCC Peace and Justice Conference on Bethlehem Campus, the Philosophy Club decided to do something exciting. The Philosopher’s Café, another name for the club, set up a tent in the Quad where people could come to have philosophical conversations about the topics addressed that day in a more informal and intimate setting. Professor of Philosophy, Ken Burak, lent the students the tent, and the students furnished it with musical instruments, bean-bag chairs, tapestries and books. Students in the club took turns hosting whoever came into the tent throughout the events of the day.

About 80 students from surrounding High Schools came to the conference, many of which stopped at the tent to talk philosophy. Numerous others enjoyed the ease of discussion inside the fun and funky tent!