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Pinterest Success at the Fab Lab

Make your pins a reality!

Amy Rotzell,

I spend almost every night searching Pinterest for unique, fun, DIY ideas. Finding ideas for my house, kids' birthday parties and upcycle DIY projects are plentiful on Pinterest.  The problem is I pin the ideas and there they sit, stagnant and unused on my boards.  I was intimidated to try to make or build new things with fear that it wouldn't turn out as pictured (since many of my Pinterest recipes were fails!)  That is, until I started working at the Fab Lab! The Fab Lab has opened my eyes to just how easy it is to make my 'pins' a reality!  The Fab Lab has a laser cutter, vinyl cutter and a fully stocked wood lab! After a few quick sessions on the laser and vinyl cutter, along with a little practice, I was able to complete my first projects - décor for my niece's birthday party: cupcake toppers, favors and treat bags. 

Next, I wanted to learn woodworking.  I grew up around machines.  My dad had many woodworking and metal working machines in the basement.  He taught me how to use the machines but I definitely needed a refresher.  So, I enrolled in the bench making class since I wanted one for my kitchen anyway.  During the class, we learned how to use almost all of the machines in the shop and also learned how to use some hand tools. The class consisted of three women of all different skill sets.  The instructor, Ken Burton, was so patient, kind and knowledgeable.  He made sure we felt comfortable with the machines prior to using them. Now, I feel a sense of pride when I look at my bench.  It is a piece that I will pass to my son one day. 

I gained the confidence needed to complete many projects.  Now, when I pin items to my boards or even walk through a store, I confidently say, "I can make that!"  If you have "stagnant, wishful thinking pins" on your Pinterest boards, don't hesitate to call or email me.  I will gladly show you how your dreams can become a reality!