PTK Wins!

Students cheer, “PTK let’s do it” in Harrisburg

Mia Rossi,

Northampton Community College’s (NCC) Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Tau Gamma Chapter on Bethlehem Campus and Beta Beta Chi Chapter on Monroe Campus took home more than a few honors at the PTK Middle States Regional Awards Ceremony in Harrisburg, PA on March 15 - 16. The awards are listed below.

Individual Awards for Tau Gamma

Distinguished Chapter Advisor-Jennifer Del Quadro

Distinguished Member Award- Jose Ruiz

Distinguished Officer- Michele Tatosian

Hall of Honors- Chelsea Hill

Chapter Awards for Tau Gamma

1st place Chapter Cheer (You can watch the creative cheer here.)

Most Outstanding Completion Week in PA

5 Star Chapter Plan Award

Middle States Gold Chapter

Distinguished College Project Award  

Distinguished Honors In Action Project 

Distinguished Chapter Award (4th in the region out of 85 chapters)

Individual Awards for Beta Beta Chi 

Paragon Chapter Advisor Award - Belinda Bartholomew 

Distinguished Chapter Advisor Award - Miles Harris 

Chapter President Hall of Fame - Kim Gallo 

Middle States Region Officer Candidate Speech Winner - Kim Gallo

Middle States Regional President Candidate - Kim Gallo 

Pennsylvania President Candidate - David Maldonado 

Regional Officer Candidate's Campaign Manager Certificate- Brian Nielsen and Casey Maldonado

Chapter Awards for Beta Beta Chi

5 Star Chapter Certificate 

Distinguished Chapter Officer Team Award 

Distinguished Chapter Award 

College Project Award 

Gold Chapter Award

Congratulations to NCC's PTK chapters!