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Sasha Abdalla: Global Studies Alumni

Abdalla, NCC global studies alumni, has a passion for travel and helping others

"If you're going to work in a field for the majority of your life, make sure it is something you are going to wake up loving to do," says Sasha Abdalla, a 2016 graduate of NCC's global studies program. 

Abdalla discovered a passion for travel when she visited Jordan, China, Denmark and El Salvador through the College's study abroad program. She is continuing her education in global studies at Temple University, where she is pursuing a bachelor's degree and looks forward to earning a master's degree.   

She is especially concerned about refugees. As the daughter of an Egyptian immigrant father, she heard about the struggles he faced and imagined how much harder it must be for refugees, who, unlike her dad, are not leaving their homes voluntarily.  

To start, she hopes to travel to Germany to assist refugees there or return to an agency like Bethany Christian Services, where she did NCC service learning, to help refugees in the United States. Ultimately, she dreams of working for the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees.   

She feels she got a good launch at NCC. "I had an amazing time," she says. "I was able to make real-world relationships with my professors and colleagues that will surely help me moving forward. I've met amazing people in the countries I visited."  

Additionally, she says that the life lessons she learned at NCC allowed her to acclimate at Temple. "I have a strong background in my major because of the coursework at NCC."