Spartanfest 2019

A wild Spartanfest

Mia Rossi,

Welcome to The Jungle. No, that’s not just a Guns ‘N’ Roses song. It’s also the theme to this year’s Spartanfest celebration welcoming students to the Spring semester on Bethlehem Campus. The Student Life Zone was teeming with people and zebras, lions, bears, elephants and other fun animals straight out of the jungle book. Sam Spartan was even spotted on safari at Spartanfest.


Limbo and a mechanical bull were activities that let students show off their athletic skills. Jungle animals get pretty hungry. A popcorn and snow cone station was set up along with hoagies, chips, dips, apple slices and more.


Campus clubs and organizations were set up at tables to show students all the ways to get involved on campus. Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Women’s Club, Art Connections Club, Criminal Justice Club and more were among those that were present. Services for our students were also represented, like Counseling, who’s always there to help with stressors in and out of class. You could even find out how to become an Admissions Ambassador for NCC.


Needless to say, Spartanfest was a roaring success this year! Check out all of the photos here.