Spartanfest 2020

Springing into the semester with Bethlehem Campus

Mia Rossi,

Spartansfest 2020

Welcome back to all our Spartans on Bethlehem Campus! On January 23, everyone gathered in the Student Life Zone at Spartanfest to celebrate the beginning of the semester at Northampton Community College (NCC).

Clubs and organizations set up tables to discuss ways for students to get involved on and off campus and make the most of their time at NCC. If you are looking for someone to debate you over cats versus dogs or good versus evil along with many other opposing things, then, the Philosopher’s Café is for you! The philosophical students set up a wheel that people could spin to discuss topics and their value. Cool clubs like Outdoors Club, Harry Potter Club, Film Club, Anime Club, and more had tables to talk to students about getting involved on campus in creative and exciting ways.

Gusts of wind inside the cash machine blew around fake money for students to grab at the entrance to Spartanfest. The person with the most money caught would win an Amazon Echo. That wasn’t the only area with giveaways, The H.O.P.E. Food Pantry through Nursing Student Organization was giving away delicious snacks, Student Senate was offering up $150 Amazon gift cards, winter attire and vouchers from the Marketing and Communications staff, and many others had things to share with the attendees! If you didn’t win a giveaway, there was delicious food around to brighten your day. Hoagies, baked goods, and popcorn were just a few of the yummy treats that students, faculty and staff noshed on throughout the event.

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