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Speaking from Experience

Alumni react to New York Times article

In an article published in The New York Times, Kristin O'Keefe talks about the "divide" between "people who believe in community colleges, and people who dismiss and even diminish them."  Here's what she has to say. 

And here's what Northampton Community College alumni had to say when Professor of English Randy Boone posted the article to his Facebook page.  You can add your own comment at the bottom of the page.  

"If it wasn't for NCC, I wouldn't be on my way to a doctoral program. In fact, in hindsight, some of my classes at NCC were more rigorous and thought provoking than classes I took at Syracuse after I matriculated." - Charlie Ecenbarger, communication studies major  

"If it wasn't for NCC, I wouldn't be on my way into a master's program at East Stroudsburg University. Community college is real college." -  Linda StCyr, journalism major    

"I still don't like to write, but a certain professor I had showed me that I could write. Fast forward 15 years to a bachelor of science in molecular biology, master's in public health, and on my way to a PhD in epidemiology.  Thank you, Randy!" - Lynda, biological sciences major  

"I can't stand when people dismiss community colleges because they don't believe they 'stack up' against universities....Many people I know who went to 4 year colleges, and earned their Bachelors are still struggling to find a job in their career field and are in massive amounts of debt. I'm very happy with my choice of going to NCC, and I agree that I've had some awesome professors too!" - Michelle Sanford, journalism major

"I've said many times that the best parts of my college education experience were at NCC.  I learned the most there because profs actually wanted to teach and not just read slides....I've forgotten 95% of my [other college] profs.  I remember all of my NCC ones." - Allan Kaspar, computer science major

"I preferred community college as well!" - Jody Morse, liberal arts major  

"I enjoyed my time at community college more than time spent at 'real college.'" - Michael Awadalla, general studies major  

"My husband used to tease me about my 'little college'. Then I learned that Northampton was a lot bigger than the university he attended and probably just as good." - Rebecca White, hotel and restaurant management major