Staff Appreciation 2020

Celebrating virtually

Northampton Community College's annual Staff Appreciation Dinner, usually held in May, is one of the most-anticipated events of the year. A time to recognize milestones and achievements by faculty and staff, it brings colleagues together to celebrate in fun and often unexpected ways. In past years, a top-hatted Dr. Erickson "Charleston-ed" in a Putting on the Ritz theme, the crew of Starship Northampton beamed down for science-fictiofun, and everyone let the good times roll during Mardi-Gras revelry.  

This year, due to COVID-19, the dinner had to be cancelled. 

"The cancellation was a curve ball for the Staff Appreciation Committee, but the members didn’t hesitate to rise to the challenge," said Caroline Clifford, director of special events and committee chair.  "We ended up having a lot of fun producing a series of videos to recognize each category of honorees. The teamwork involved raised our spirits and we hope it resulted in raising the spirits of other members of the NCC Family!   

The  series of video tributes the committee created recognized those with milestone years of service, including Ken Krauss, professor of mathematics and computer science, the first NCC employee to reach 50 years of employment.  They also honored retirees, faculty and staff who earned advanced degrees, and those who garnered promotions this year.  

Awards for professional excellence were given at the college's Opening Days professional meetings.  

Professor Jeffrey Armstrong received the College's highest honor – the Christensen Award for Excellence in Teaching.  Armstrong was hailed as a teacher who is "tireless in his pursuit of student success. He wants to know his students as people, and they respect both his effort and his humanity."  

Other awards for professional excellence went to: 

Mark Henry, director of advising, transfer and accommodation services, for outstanding performance by a member of the administrative staff.  Henry was praised for his unwavering commitment that no matter what, his team always has the best interest of the student in the forefront of all they do.  

Keith Fallows received the award for excellence in instruction by an adjunct faculty member.  Getting Fallows as an English instructor was, according to one of the students who nominated him, "the best thing that happened to me. He not only motivated me inside of the classroom, but also outside." 

Carl "Corky" Held was chosen to receive the award for excellence in non-credit instruction.  A Vietnam and Desert Storm veteran, retired police chief, and member of the PA Army National Guard, he is instructor and program manager for the ACT 235 Lethal Weapons Training Program. His students describe him as having a "wealth of experience and always taking the time to explain procedures." 

Joan Tomino was named Support Staff Member of the Year for performing her job as the Humanities Department secretary "quickly, flawlessly and always with a smile. Her nominees declared her "essential to the functioning of the Humanities Department" and that "we'd be lost without her." 

Lauren Wightmanlibrary reference assistant, is the recipient of the award for outstanding performance by a part-time member of the College staff. She has been with the college since 1993, and along the way has mastered an increasingly advanced array of skills which she used for two large technical service projects that, thanks to her help, marked a record-high level of productivity. 

Kathryn Kashner and Christina Lincoln were the recipients of the Dick and Pat Richardson Northampton Spirit Award for their work on an initiative that made NCC the first in the state to offer an Infant/Toddler Apprenticeship for those working in the field without college degrees to be paired with mentors. 

Among the other faculty and staff members who received special recognition at Opening Days were retirees Dr. Mathew ConnellTeresa Donate, and Dr. Virginia Gonzalez. For their years of distinguished service to the college, Connell was named Dean Emeritus of the Monroe Campus and Donate and Gonzalez were given the honor of Professor Emeriti. 


Mary Kae Mayock - Secretary, Library, May 23, 2019 

Rebecca D. Dean - Professor, Communication/Theatre, May 31, 2019 

Sandra L. Achey - Payroll Manager, June 7, 2019 

Denise A. Harris-Ector - Office Assistant, June 28, 2019 

Michele Pappalardo - Associate Dean, Workforce Development, August 29, 2019 

Kathy L. Kapcsos - Director, Institutional Research, September 20, 2019 

Joseph F. Szivos - Maintenance I, November 5, 2019 

Cynthia L. King - Director, Financial Aid, January 2, 2020 

Gail M. Mrowinski - Associate Dean, Community Education, May 1, 2020 

Maria Teresa Donate - Professor, Counseling, May 31, 2020 

Eileen M. Finelli - Assistant Professor, English, May 31, 2020 

Kenneth G. Krauss - Professor, Mathematics/Computer/Information Science, May 31, 2020 

Susan R. Manela - Assistant Professor, Healthcare Office Administration, May 31, 2020 

Susan Roth - Assoicate Professor, Culinary Arts, May 31, 2020 

Marvin  Beahn - Maintenance I Crew Leader, June 30, 2020 

Diana M. Holva - Financial Aid/Veterans' Affairs Assistant, June 30, 2020 

Elizabeth Sue Morgan - Financial Aid Officer, July 1, 2020 



To Professor 

Belinda Bartholomew, Reading 

Marie Everhart, Nursing 

Karen M. Klein, Biology 

Kurt Withey, Mathematics 


To Associate Professor 

Kate Curry, Early Childhood Education 

Rebecca Martin, English 

Amy VanVarick, Business Law/Paralegal 


To Professional Assistant II 

Denise Madzik, Coordinator, Reibman's Children's Center 


To Professional Assistant III 

Faye Freer, Coordinator, Hannig Children's Center 

Li-Fen Yang, Math Coordinator 



Karen S. Britt, EdD, Educational Leadership, Drexel University, September, 2019 

Mark E. Koberlein, MFA, Interactive Design, SCAD, May, 2019 

Michelle A. Palmisano, MS, Communications, Purdue University, December, 2019 

Michael Cunningham, MBA, New Jersey Institute of Technology, May, 2018 

Sedgwick Harris, DEd, Community College Leadership, December, 2019 



Academic Affairs 

10 Tiffany M Achenbach - Adjunct Faculty, Nursing 

10 Brian E. Alnutt - Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences 

10 Jeffrey A. Armstrong - Associate Professor, Psychology 

10 Belinda M. Bartholomew - Associate Professor, Reading 

10 Maria Batista Abreu - Adjunct Faculty 

10 Gary A. Brienza - Adjunct Faculty, Business Administration 

10 Catarina D. DiMaria - Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics 

10 Douglas M. Follweiler - Adjunct Faculty, Chemistry 

10 Dino L. Forst - Program Manager, Materials & Weld Training 

10 Mary Garm - Adjunct Faculty, Library Tech. Asst. 

10 Susan L. Giachero - Adjunct Faculty, Early Childhood Educ. 

10 Thomas C. Helm - Adjunct Faculty, Psychology 

10 Robert J. Janusko - Adjunct Faculty, English 

10 Karen M. Klein - Associate Professor, Biology 

10 Kristopher S. Mattson - Adjunct Faculty, Emergency Services 

10 Erin A. McClelland - Adjunct Faculty, Music 

10 Andrew R. McIntosh - Associate Professor, Sociology 

10 Mark T. McKenna - Non-Credit Instructor 

10 Chloe Y. Miller - Adjunct Faculty, English 

10 William G. Mutimer - Associate Professor, Communication/Theatre 

10 Andrea M. Petresky - Adjunct Faculty, ESL 

10 Michael L. Pogach - Professor, English 

10 Theodore Ritsick - Adjunct Faculty, Communications 2 

10 Gina M. Robertiello - Adjunct Faculty, Criminal Justice 

10 William R. Rusk - Adjunct Faculty, Communications Design 

10 John M. Saimbert - Adjunct Faculty, Political Science 

10 Julie A. Schmittel - Adjunct Faculty, Biological Science 

10 Katie M. Selness - Assistant Professor, English as a Second Language 

10 Margarita R. Serna - Tutor, Professional II 

10 Gina A. Turner - Professor, Psychology 

10 Jennifer S. Ziegler - Adjunct Faculty, Nursing 

10 Tara M. Zrinski - Adjunct Faculty, Philosophy 

10 Janette Lee Zuk - Family Success Coordinator 

15 Wendi L. Achey - Professor, Business/Marketing 

15 Mahta M. Afshar - Adjunct Faculty, Sociology/Anthropology 

15 Kelly A. Austin - Adjunct Faculty, Biological Science 

15 Kenneth I. Burak - Professor, Philosophy 

15 Floyd F. Caiazzo, Jr. - Adjunct Faculty, Electromechanical 

15 Andrea L. Corrado - Associate Professor, Nursing 

15 Celisa Y. Counterman - Professor, Mathematics 

15 Melissa A. Gioglio - Adjunct Faculty, Computer Science / Info 

15 Kathryn A. Gordon - Adjunct Faculty, English 

15 William J. Magilton, III - Professor, Chemistry 

15 Vertel T. Martin - Professor, Criminal Justice 

15 Cara McClintock-Walsh - Professor, English 

15 Christine M. Pense - Dean, Humanities & Social Sciences 

15 Christy R. Rothermel - Adjunct Faculty, Psychology 

15 Melenese Sivells - Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education 

15 Paul E. Trainor - Adjunct Faculty, Electrical 

15 Matthew D. West - Adjunct Faculty, Geography 

15 Karol A. Yundt - Adjunct Faculty 

15 John N Zugarek - Adjunct Faculty, History 

20 Anne C. Bittner - Associate Professor, Cataloger/Bibliographer 

20 Randy L. Boone - Professor, English 

20 Maria Brandon - Adjunct Faculty, English 

20 Barry A. Cohen - Adjunct Faculty, Construction Management 

20 Joanne M. Curran - Adjunct Faculty, Office Administration 

20 Anthony J. Cuvo - Adjunct Faculty, Physics 

20 Keith J. Davis - Lab Assistant (PT) 

20 Jay T. Dieter - Adjunct Faculty, Computer Science / Info 

20 William A. Doney - Professor, Engineering/Physics 

20 Faye A. Freer - Professional Assistant II, Coordinator, Hannig Children's Center 

20 Kathryn B. Graham - Adjunct Faculty, Philosophy 

20 Robert K. Hays - Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences 

20 Kathleen Kresge - Professor, Biology 

20 Sharon S. Lee-Bond - Adjunct Faculty, Biological Science 

20 Timothy Molchany - Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences 

20 Jack A. Panella - Adjunct Faculty, Political Science 

20 David Raker - Adjunct Faculty, Chemistry 

20 Damian H. Righi - Adjunct Faculty, Communications 2 

20 Thomas J. Shillea - Director, Art Programs 

20 Shannon E. Tompkins - Tutor, Professional II 

20 Kenneth Trionfo - Professor, Architecture 

20 Eileen Truscott - Associate Director, Center for Healthcare Education 

25 Isadore LaDuca - Adjunct Faculty, Communications Design 

30 Mary Ellen Hicks - Secretary 

35 Nancy E. Fogel - Childcare Classroom Lead 

40 Nancy E. Trautmann - Professor, English 

45 Elizabeth A. Smith - Adjunct Faculty, Chemistry 

50 Kenneth G. Krauss - Professor, Mathematics/Computer/Information Science 


Community Education 

10 John T. Evans, Jr. - Program Manager, Emergency Medical Services 

10 Constance P. Frazier - Non-Credit Instructor 

10 Alan C. Hartley - Non-Credit Instructor 

10 Denise G. Holub - Senior Business Manager, Community Education 

10 Patricia E. Korp - Non-Credit Instructor 

10 Christine M. Mengel - Non-Credit Instructor 

10 Erica L. Mohr - Non-Credit Instructor 

10 Barbara L Parzych - Non-Credit Instructor 

10 Janet Sandoz Ballard - Secretary, ABE Monroe 

10 Lynn Teles - Program Manager 

10 Debra A. Youngfelt - Non-Credit Instructor 

15 Sharon C. Kritzberger - Non-Credit Instructor 

15 MaryAnn Ludka - Non-Credit Instructor, ABE Monroe 

15 Ingrid Martz - Non-Credit Instructor 

15 Dennis E Rohaly - Non-Credit Instructor 

15 Wendy E. Stehly - CBI Leadership Assistant 

20 Karen M. Crouthamel - Non-Credit Instructor, ABE Inst North 

20 Joseph R. David, Jr. - Non-Credit Instructor 

20 Tina L. Frindt - Director, Driver Training Programs 

20 ChaoQun Hu - Non-Credit Instructor 

20 Sharon A. Linardi - ABE Enrollment Wayne 

20 William R. Schaffer - Director, Center for College & Career Readiness 

20 Scott A. Zrinski - Non-Credit Instructor 

30 Richard E. Weaver - Non-Credit Instructor 

35 Nancy G. Johnson - Non-Credit Instructor 


Finance & Operations 

10 Robert D. Bryant - Facilities Manager 

10 Catherine E Deleon - Finance Office Assistant 

10 Daniel Driscoll - Custodian 

10 Nathaniel A. Hanni - Custodian 

10 Christine M. Krentler - Bursar Assistant 

10 Mark A. Stetler - Custodian 

10 Raymond J. Tackash - Custodian 

15 Thomas S. Baytala - Mail/Receiving Clerk 

15 Lisa D. Harrod - Assistant Controller, Payroll and Finance Technology 

15 Jeffrey Mickey - Postal Clerk 

15 Marlene A. Read - Bursar Assistant 

15 Rosa H. Urquiza - Custodian 

15 Brian T. Varcos - Manager, AV Services 

20 Gail S. Baytala - Information Technology Assistant 

20 David Colon - Custodian 

20 David J. Hassick - Manager, Desktop Services 

20 Bernabe Marquez - Custodian 

25 Kathleen Barner - Assistant Controller, Accounting 


Institutional Advancement 

10 Lucas J. Burits - Director, Creative & Web Services 

10 Tracey B. Johnson - Director, Grants 


President’s Office 

15 James F. Dunleavy - Vice President, Finance & Operations 

20 Carolyn M. Bortz - Vice President, Academic Affairs 

25 Matthew J. Connell - Dean, Monroe Campus 


Student Affairs 

10 Catherine R. Kehler - Academic Advisor I 

10 Debra Kelly - Secretary 

15 Matthew N. Bartholomew - Associate Professor, Counseling 

15 Shawn S. Fortley - Switchboard Operator 

15 Clayton E. Smith, Jr. - Attendant, Fitness Center 

20 Marvin L. Gruber - Assistant Chief, Public Safety & Security 

25 Rosa E. Ferguson - Financial Aid Officer 

25 Cynthia L. King - Director, Financial Aid (retired) 

25 JoAnne E. Mercovich - Records Assistant 

25 Elizabeth S. Morgan - Officer, Financial Aid 

35 Mary Sinibaldi Mancino - Senior Associate Director, Enrollment Services 

40 James L. Lenert - Public Safety Officer