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Bust Some Stress!

Stress is no match for NCC students

Mia Rossi,

It was Stress Busters week at Bethlehem and Monroe Campus from December 4 - 8 with the purpose of helping students wind down and focus before finals week. 

To kick off the week, on Monroe campus, many people came out to reap the benefits of Reiki, which is a stress reliever based on a flow of energy and healing. But, if a student preferred to get out stress by expending energy, after Reiki, there was a ball pit. The day ended with calming jars. Students filled mason jars with hot water, glue and glitter. The calming effect comes from shaking the glitter around in the jar.

Counseling Services took over at Bethlehem campus Monday with Salsa led by Estela Vatera, an intern at Monroe campus in the Counseling department. Color Yourself Calm helped to shift participants' focus away from anxieties and onto a fun task that didn't take a lot of brain power. Eric Rosenthal, Dean of Student Success, demonstrated 3 basic relaxation techniques like visualizing yourself on a beach and appealing to all senses. He mentioned warm sand, cool water, the salt air smell, and students were transported to a different place. Students put together board games and vision boards that described their motivations. It helped students to have goals to strive for in their future. The day was finished with students popping bubble wrap....ahh, what a wonderful feeling!

Traditional Hispanic Christmas carols were sung in the Student Life Zone on Bethlehem campus Tuesday as students made and decorated Popsicle stick frames equipped with a stand. And, in Monroe, 3 puppies came to campus for students to play with and relieve any anxieties they had...because how can you be stressed when you're petting a dog? The students danced salsa with Vatera after the dogs left although dancing with the dogs would've been a sight to see.

On Wednesday in Bethlehem, it was time to Swing into the Holidays with Allentown Area Swing Dance Society, a group that's been around for 20 years in the Lehigh Valley. The members came out to act as partners for students, and Con Gallahger, an instructor with the society, gave a lesson to students as they danced to east coast swings classics. At Monroe, students practiced yoga and concentrated on being mindful of their breathing, a great way to combat stress. The students also had the opportunity to make "tool kits" sponsored by Counseling Services for their self-care needs. They charted ways to focus on their self-care during times of high tension.

Bethlehem campus's Winterfest on Thursday was a wonderland in the Quad! For more on that, click here. Meanwhile, meditation, massages and dart art were happening at Monroe---what is dart art you ask? Students could through darts at paint filled balloons that hovered over a canvas. It was stress relieving to pop the balloons and the paint made some beautiful artwork! They could take the art home with them afterward.

Finally, the week closed out Friday on Bethlehem campus as students made slime. If it sounds messier than the dart art, that's because it was. Students mixed a special saline solution, baking soda and glue to form the base and added glitter and food coloring. Now, they can squeeze the slime between their fingers as they feel impending stressors creep up!

Don't you feel less stressed just reading about the fun and relaxing activities? To see images from these events, check out our gallery