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Thank You, Donors!

Sweets for the Sweet

Photos by Randy Monceaux,

The proof was not in the box of chocolates, although the box of chocolates was extraordinary.  The proof was in the students who dined with guests pictured here at the Northampton Community College (NCC) Foundation's annual recognition dinner on November 20.

The students came to say thank you to the donors whose gifts enable NCC to provide more scholarship aid than any other community college in Pennsylvania.  Without that assistance many of the students in the room might not have been able to further their education.

Holli JohnsonHolli Johnson was one of them.  Holli will graduate in May with an associate in science degree in radiography.  Her path to graduation was anything but straight.  She started taking classes at NCC nine years ago, but had to withdraw when her son was born.  Convinced that "creating a future for my son and myself was the most important thing I could do," she returned to college while supporting herself as a bartender. 

The first time she applied for admission to the highly competitive radiography program, she was not accepted.  Disappointed, but not deterred, she "took classes for nursing as a back-up plan."  Her hard work was rewarded when she reapplied to the radiography program and was accepted, but there were still challenges ahead as she juggled classes, required internships, motherhood and working.  A scholarship helped her complete her senior year.

"To me this scholarship is more than a generous monetary gift.  It's validation that this path is as right as it feels, that I have a future in a career I love, and the pride and passion reward themselves."  Looking to the future, Holli said she hoped to return to NCC as a donor making a difference for someone in a situation similar to her own.

Adding to the excitement at this year's dinner were the presence of the founding president of NCC, Dr. Richard C. Richardson, and his wife, Pat, who was very Pat and Dick Richardsonactive on campus and in the community, and Dr. Javier Avila, a faculty member who had just returned from Washington where he was named Pennsylvania's Professor of the Year. 

Presiding over her last recognition dinner as chair of the NCC Foundation, Diane Martin presented Jason Laubach with an award given to a member of the College staff outside of the Advancement staff whose work significantly advances the work of the Foundation.  As NCC's controller, Jason has "become a real 'go to' guy, overseeing financial reporting, investments, fund management and IRS filings for the Foundation," Diane said.

Diane's leadership of the Foundation was lauded by NCC's president, Dr. Mark Erickson, and also by Arif Fazil who will succeed her as chair.  During a brief Board meeting, Mike Molewski was elected vice chair; Curt Hoyak, Gary Olson, Bob Oster, and Denise Spence were elected to their first terms on the Board, and John Alexander, David Kennedy, Diane Martin, Robert Rupel and Paul Schuchman were reelected to the Board.  Diane thanked outgoing Board members Kate Haney, Donna Taggart and Tim VanSyckle for their service.

New members inducted into NCC's giving societies included:

Founders Society

The Donald B. & Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation

Legacy Society

NCC Alumni Association

Dr. E. Ruth & Roger Dunning

1967 Society

J. G. Petrucci Co./Rosalin Petrucci

Pocono Medical Center

Laureate Society

Robert  L.  & Catherine Cameron

The Guardian Life Insurance Co.

Dr. Alan F. & Sheila Korhammer

Charles J. & Gwyneth A. Peischl

Robert A. & Becky Rupel

Tara & Jim Knicos Foundation, Inc./James & Tara Knicos

Helene M. Whitaker

Heritage Society

Heidi & Larry Butler

Bruce & Trudi Denlinger

Geoffrey Hall '99

Butch '76 & Susie Macri

Ricardo Orench & Maria Teresa Donate

Gary Poehlein

Judie Samer '04

The following long-term donors were recognized for consecutive years of giving:

20+ Years

Mario & Donna Acerra

Albarell Electric

Michael M. & Lynn M. Albarell

Steve & Jane L. Auvil '77

Jack O. & Lois E. Beamer

Patrice M. Boulous '82

Timothy J. '76 and Karen M. Brady '74

Britech, Inc./Brian J. '75 and Denise P. McCall '75

Martin D. & Beth Cohen

Matthew J. Connell & Evelyn Baxevane '75

Shirly M. Hahn, '75

Charles M. & Joan L. Hannig

Fred G. & Ethel Harvey

Johnson & Johnson

Kenneth C. & Sharon C. Kochey '68

M. Suzette Kopecek

John & Susan S. Koss '85

John M. '70 & Jacqueline Kulick

C. Eileen Kutzler '84

Timothy '09 & Colleen Lewis

Theodore O. '72 and Michele Litke

Christian F. '77 and Diane S. Martin

Marie J. Matyas '70

NCC Alumni Association

Gerald J. O'Grady

Bruce A. '77 & Judith A. Palmer

Paul E. & Alison Pierpoint

Richard C., Jr. & Patricia B. Richardson

H. Martin, III & Mary Jane Riddle

Arthur L. Scott & Susan Kubik Scott

Karl A. & Jan Stackhouse

Marie F. Sterlein '83

Waldman Family Charitable Trust

Bruce & Judy Waldman

Helene Whitaker

Marie A. Wilson '77

Janet O. Ziegenfus '75 

10+ Years 

The Air Products Foundation

Randall L. '81 & Marie T. Altemose

Atul K. & Patrice Amin '74

Brian K. Anthony '83

Richard J., Jr. & Claire L. Ashby

Marianne & Doug Atherton

Curtis H. & Loris J. Barnette

Mali M. Bartges

Matthew N. '02 & Jillian Bartholomew

Belhaven Capital Group, Inc.

Brooks & Cynthia A. Betts '75

Blue Knights PA III

Jeffrey L. & Debra A. Bohr

William F. Bond & Sharon Lee-Bond

Randy L. Boone

Carolyn M. & Ronald L. Bortz

Robert G. Boyer

Carolyn M. Brady

Bruce M. & Susan Browne

Annette M. & Charles Bruno

Larry R. & Heidi B. Butler

Buzzi Unicem USA, Inc.

C. F. Martin & Co., Inc.

Patricia & Alex Canavan

Sam C. Canone '73

Alberto Cardelle & Rachel Frick Cardelle

Kevin '09 & Donna J. Casey

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of the Lehigh Valley

Paul J. '72 and Eileen E. Colahan '72

John & Olga F. Conneen

Paul J. Connolly, Jr.

Corporate Environments, Inc.

William B. & Barbara Cramer

Maria T. DelGrosso '81

Bruce A. & Trudi Denlinger

D'Huy Engineering, Inc.

Thomas J. & Marilyn Doluisio

Duggan & Marcon, Inc.

James F. & Lisa M. Dunleavy

Dawn M. Dzienis '98

Dennis C. & Rosemary Gish Ebersole '99

Embassy Bank

Salvador Espinosa

ESSA Bank & Trust Foundation

John F. & Donna M. Eureyecko

Warren M. '92 & Karen Jo Farnell '08

Arif & Donna Fazil

Robert R. '75 & Pamela Fehnel

Don S. & Mibs Follett

Don C. Follmer

Rocco S. Fraccica '75

Jan French '73

Steven J. '72 & Margaret Grimes

Pamela S. Hartzell '78

David J. '94 & Lynda L. Hassick '03

William F. & Margaret Hecht

Herster, Newton & Murphy

E. Jill Hirt

Diana M. Holva '06

Steve R. & Nancy D. Hovey

Charles R. '71 & Donna M. Humphrey '86

Kenneth W. & Sally F. Jablonski '78

Michael C. Jablonski

Paul J. Joly

Just Born, Inc.

Elizabeth S. Krupka '86

Pamela A. Kuplen '72

Jeri A. Lambert '83

William H. & Patti A. Lehr

Lehr Foundation

David S. & Susan R. Manela '96

Elva A. Mante '02

Marblehead Grill

Margaret S. Marsh '81

The Martin D. Cohen Family Foundation

Vertel T. Martin

John N. Mathious, Jr. '69

Dennis & Patricia A. Mathisen '80

Richard D. &  Mary Jane McAteer '76

Michael J. & JoAnn McGovern


Suleiman '86 & Carol Ann Modjadidi

Michael & Diane Molewski

Nancy A. Moreau

Robert M. & Joan L. Morgan

Steven K. & Carolyn H. Moyer

Gail M. Mrowinski & Edward S. Townsend, Jr.

William K. & Christine L. Murphy

National Penn Bank

Patricia Ann Nebinger '79

Henry R., Jr. & Sonya M. Newton

Barbara Obrepalska-Bielska

Earl R. Page

Carol J. Pavlinsky '00

Peter J. Pavlish '80

Charles J. & Gwyneth A. Peischl

Linda S. Perin '80

Michael D. '83 & Rosanne L. Pickett '83

Scott M. Raab '92

Thomas C. Raidline '86

Nicholas & Melissa S. Recchia '90

Erma L. Reed

Ronald L. & Mary Jo Reed

David W. '80 & Linda D. Reinbold '12

Stephen '75 & Diane Repasch

Laurence G. Riola

Ismael, Jr. '76 & Myrna L. Rivera '87

Glenn M. '87 & Darla J. Rossetti '88

Robert A. & Rebecca Rupel

Judith G. Samer '04

Sanofi Pasteur

Paul & Judy Schuchman

Robert E. '83 & Kathleen T. Siegfried '95


John L. & Mary C. Squarcia

Melissa D. Starace '95 & Jason W. Dittmar

R. Charles '77 & Wendy E. Stehly '14

Donna G. Taggart  '73

Anne C. Taylor

John G. III, &  Terry A. Thomas

Maureen E. Valente '75

Lisa Ann Villani

Pat & Sandra P. Vulcano '72

Judith B. Williams '76

Lifen Yang

Brian F. & Dianne L. Yarsevich

Richard L. Zelko '72