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The Great Pumpkin (Coffee Challenge)

Monroe Club Finds Out Who Brewed It Better

by Cynthia Tintorri,

Monroe Business Leaders Club membersJust when you thought the autumnal pumpkin-everything craze was over and you could get on with enjoying peppermint-flavored whatever ... The results of the Monroe Business Leaders Club Pumpkin Coffee Challenge (PCC@NCC) are in! 

Back in October, the club was looking for a fundraiser. "I thought, hey, it's pumpkin season -- why not do a coffee challenge?" says club president Amelia Turner. 

Club members acquired donated pumpkin coffee from Starbucks and Panera, and set up their urns and assorted goodies in various locations around the Monroe Campus. For $1, each participant got two full, steaming-hot cups of pumpkin coffee - one from Urn A and one from Urn B. After tasting, they were asked to fill out a form with demographic information and their vote for best-tasting coffee. 

Early results seemed to favor Urn A, which was the Panera coffee. "'A' is better ... it's really good!" enthused diagnostic medical sonography student Julia Mulally. "And the free donut is great!" 

As it turns out, Panera was the clear winner by a 2:1 margin. As for the data the Business Leaders collected? Survey-takers were between 18-30 years old, mostly female, drink coffee on a daily basis, and spend between $5-$10 per week on their daily grind. 

The Business Leaders club is open to anyone interested in business. The club meets on Tuesdays from 11 a.m. to 12:15 in Kapp 125. Come on by and see what they're serving up for their next project!