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The Value of Being Thankful

How to show appreciation at work

Ann Haggerty Raines, Associate Director, Leadership & Executive Development ,

Ann Haggerty Raines, associate director of NCC’s CBI Leadership development

Happy November! As the temperatures drop and Daylight Savings Time makes our morning brighter, and our evenings darker, perhaps it's time to look for a little more warmth and light in our lives. Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and in this season of gratitude, how are you doing with encouraging the hearts of those you lead, and those you work with?

There is someone at work who makes the burden lighter because of a solid work ethic and high skill level. Have you told that person that you feel a sense of relief every day you see his/her face? How about the person who silently goes about making everyone's work better by following up on details, and filling in the blanks left for him/her? Have you said how appreciated that care for detail is? The one who, without failing, provides comic relief in the frantic execution of business when tempers can get short. Have you said thank you for keeping us comfortable with each other? There are more who do what they are supposed to do every day without an expectation of anything additional happening for themselves.

Perhaps you are thinking, "They should know how valued they are!" Do they know how much of a difference they make to you? Be the warmth and the light! Let them know they are a part of your work life that matters. If your heart is willing, but your brain is sorting through what this would look like, or why this matters to your business, visit