Top 4 Reasons to Study Abroad at NCC

Do community colleges offer study abroad programs?

Mia Rossi,

Traveling is one of the most exciting experiences a person can have. Most people think community college doesn’t offer study abroad programs, but did you know Northampton Community College (NCC) offers a wealth of travel opportunities for students? Why not bring your college experience to another country and expand your mind?

Just like NCC itself, our study abroad options are affordable and in many cases have scholarships you can apply for. NCC is not just community college. It’s also where you’ll Study Abroad and see the world! 

Here are four reasons students who’ve studied abroad say you should do the same. Fair warning, this article may leave you chomping at the bit to get yourself to a far-off land!


1. Immerse Yourself In A New Culture. 

The number one reason students say they study abroad is because they get to experience cultures different from their own. Students who are studying in countries where their ancestors came from also brings them back to their roots and gives them a new understanding of their family ties. The attire, the food, the language, the traditions, and more are exciting parts of learning about another country’s culture.

Anne Dondiego, student at NCC, says, “I was fascinated by the cultures we studied, in particular, the delicious food.”

2. See The World, Rich In History.

How a nation built their society is fascinating. Their history gives visitors insight into what social and economic still exist or have changed today. Going to another country, you also get the amazing chance to see ancient architecture that still stands and tells a story of a people passed. You don’t have to be an architecture major for a beautifully constructed building to take your breath away.

“Cruising the Nile River, seeing the statues and learning their significance, hearing about how papyrus paper was made, and reading hieroglyphs, gave me a glance into an ancient civilization, which was amazing,” Tai Okaome tells us.

“When I got to Egypt, I stood there and cried, in awe of the pyramids,” says non-traditional student at NCC, Conrad Richebacher.


3. Form Friendships That Last A Lifetime.

Whether it’s that you meet a pen pal or new friend abroad or you connected with your classmates on the trip in ways only an immersive learning experience could make happen, you form ties that last a lifetime for many.

“Being able to go on the trip together with my fellow NCC students helped me form bonds and find commonality with people who come from all walks of life different from me,” says Candace Sinclair, NCC student.

4. Expand Your Worldview.

Last, but certainly not least, is expanding one’s worldview and tolerance of people who live differently than you and me. 

NCC student, Sophia Genteel says, “I think the trip I took made me more adaptable and understanding of others. We don’t always know what others are going through until we experience it firsthand. Once you see how people live, for example, in poverty or oppression, it gives you a new appreciation of our freedoms.” 

Aside from these reasons, studying abroad will help you build new skills and bring depth to what you study at NCC. Plus, it looks great on a resume! Many of the study abroad trips allow for students to leave their mark in other countries through projects in their place of study.

Are you sold? Visit our study abroad page for more information on how to begin your once in a lifetime experience!