Volunteer Recognition Day is April 20

Inspiring action through volunteerism

Dr. Stanley Ebede, Director, Center for Civic and Community Engagement and Amy Sams, Program Coordinator, Civic and Community Engagement,

When you hear the word “volunteer”, what do you imagine or think? Giving your time, skills, and energy to organizations or causes that you care about? An opportunity to develop new skills and build on your existing experience or knowledge? A way to increase your self-confidence and gain a sense of purpose? An avenue to be engaged and informed of current issues and trends in our local and global communities? All these could be considered as an aspect of volunteerism.

To help Northampton Community College students, faculty and staff become Engaged Citizens, the Center for Civic and Community Engagement (CCCE) focuses on three main areas: Community Service and Volunteerism, Service Learning, and Civic Engagement. Through the myriad of volunteer opportunities offered, CCCE sustains engagement and partnerships with communities and supports students’ moral, personal and social growth and development.

CCCE has a history of fostering volunteerism with one of their community partners, Trinity Ark Soup Kitchen that serves lunch to some 60-80 people in Conine Hall from 12 to 1 p.m. on Saturdays. “Volunteering is one way we all can give back. Time is a very precious commodity. NCC is the only volunteer source who provides volunteers multiple times each year,” Gretchen Reed, Trinity Ark’s Volunteer Coordinator says.

CCCE and Trinity Ark Soup Kitchen express their gratitude to the following NCC students, faculty and staff for the tremendous services provided at the Soup Kitchen in the current academic year (2019-2020):

September 2019 - NCC’s Online Learning and Educational Technology Team

* Purchased food and prepared a hearty Italian lunch at the Trinity Ark Soup Kitchen in Easton.

Elaine Vasko, Jasmine Oliva, Tommy Morales, Sophia Genteel, Courtnee Gallo and Omur Gurbuz, Beth Ritter-Guth, Chris Lovell, Joe Scocozza, Lauryn Artis-Woodman, Valarie Clymer, Christina Salvadore and Chris Flynn

November 2019 – NCC’s Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Team

*Served baked ziti, Caesar salad, bread and a variety of cookies.

Laura Rex, Adam Broggi, Victoria Radomski, Maria Bartolucci, Danielle Hanson, Victoria Rosenthal, Michelle Tatosian, Jennifer Del Quadro, and David Long

December 2019 – NCC’s Dental Hygiene Team

* Planned a balanced meal, calculated portion sizes, shopped, cooked and served the community

Sheyla De La Cruz, Lauren Muniz, Rachel Eckert, Waleed Ahmad, Heather Anderson, Gillian Carroll, Christina Moore, Deb Hancock, Megan Krick, Sherri Meyers, Debbie Gschrey, and Shani Hohneck (family members - Thomas Moore, Madelyn Moore, Calub Moore, Christopher Kovacs, Giuliana Kovacs, Alayna Hancock, and Clayton Moyer).

February 2020 – NCC’s Hispanic American Cultural Club and Hispanic Caucus Team

*Prepared and served a menu of white rice, beans, beef empanadas and chicken stew. 

Yasmin Al-Besheer, Leena Al-Basheer, Verenice Méndez, Oscar Jiménez, Sarah Urrea, Zoryan Williams, S. E. Del Cueto, Elba Carides, and Alex Rolón (Friends - Alex Ortiz and Emilio Guzmán).

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