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Welding Students to Build Hockey Rebounder

Students will build a rebounder for local high school hockey teams

Mia Rossi,

Welding technology and engineering faculty and staff, Bill Doney, Dino Forst and Ryan Bohn began discussing the construction of a hockey puck rebounder for local high school hockey teams. They already had a prototype (seen above) that they tested on a hockey rink...and it worked nicely! Now, how could they make one they could put to good use?

Scholastic hockey teams in the area requested that one of these units, which can get very costly if purchased commercially, be installed in the Lehigh Valley Ice Arena in Whitehall, PA. Northampton Community College students were willing to step up and help the cause. The unit will help them with their practice, and youth in the area can take advantage of this new reboudner. 

Expected completion date for the piece is early November 2017. The welding technology program is using the fabrication of units like these as part of the WELD135 (Welding Fabrication & Symbols) course to give the enrolled students real-world experience, while helping the local youth community.  

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