What is Emotional Intelligence?

And why is it important today?

Letitia Morse Lladoc PhD, Adjunct Professor (ESL),

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) includes self-awareness and impulse control, persistence, self-motivation, empathy, positive social skills and the ability to cope in difficult situations.

Lack of emotional intelligence can sabotage the intellect (IQ) and ruin careers, families, and life in general. It is important to possess good “coping skills” when faced with negative challenges, such as those we are experiencing in the U.S.A. today.

When I was teaching psychology at Pocono Mountain High School in the 1990s, I had the opportunity to attend a Workshop at Marywood College (University) on “Emotional Intelligence” presented by Daniel Goldman. The topics he covered were self-awareness, emotional management, self-motivation and empathy. I was fortunate to meet Dr. Goldman personally during the workshop and discuss the differences concerning Emotional Intelligence (life coping skills) in the United States and Asian countries. (That discussion was very interesting to me, having been a Peace Corps Volunteer in Asia (Philippines) for two years, stayed and married and lived in the Philippines for an additional thirteen years).

The meeting of Goldman and the Workshop on Emotional Intelligence greatly enhanced my teaching of psychology.  I realized EQ plays as much, if not a more important influence in the lives of a student’s success and coping skills, as their IQ.

What is an emotion? An emotion is a strong feeling, usually with a mental and bodily reaction. There are hundreds of emotional reactions both positive and negative. Some examples of positive emotions (EQ) are: enjoyment, love, happiness, acceptance, contentment, friendliness, kindness, and empathy. Some examples of negative emotions are: sadness, fear, loneliness, shame, disgust, resentment, violence, depression, and anxiety, sometimes leading to extremes of pathological depression, phobia and panic.

We live in an emotionally challenging world today! We, unfortunately, are faced with many negative challenges, which need to be addressed with emotional intelligence.

Are you coping with the events of the day or are you angry, fearful, or depressed over the Covid-19 pandemic? Have you lost family members or friends through death? Have you lost your job or business? Are you lonely, due to ‘stay at home” rules? Are you missing your hobbies, sports, or travel?

Are you pessimistic about the future?

Hopefully, you are trying to make the best of the Covid-19 pandemic situation, putting your free time to good use and being optimistic about the future. The virtual opportunities are still there: telephone, computers connections, online classes, Zoom gathering, etc., but do they really help enough???

Emotional Intelligence, so much needs the actual “face to face” to be truly effective; gestures, facial expressions, tone of voice, touch (handshakes, hugs and kisses) are so important in being understood.

If you are not content with the ways you, family members, or associates deal with the present challenges, perhaps some reading or research might help.

The following are some suggested reading from the works of Daniel Goldman:

Emotional Intelligence – “Why it can matter more than IQ”

    By Daniel Goldman

Working with Emotional Intelligence

    By Daniel Goldman

 Social Intelligence – “The New Science of Human Relationships”

    By Daniel Goldman

 Destructive Emotions – “And How to Overcome Them”

    A Dialogue with the Dalai Lama   

    Narrated by Daniel Goldman


Make good use of your free time and stay safe, healthy and happy!!!

Dr. Letitia Morse Lladoc