World Health Day 2020 - April 7

The theme for 2020 is Supporting Nurses and Midwives

By Alyson Patascher, Adjunct, Public Health ,

World Health Day 2020 

What is World Health Day? 

World Health Day has been celebrated annually on April 7 since 1950.  The celebration is aimed to raise awareness on the priorities of the World Health Organization (WHO).  Since its inception, important health issues such as mental health, food safety, universal health converge, diabetes and climate change have been a focus.  The theme for 2020 is “Supporting Nurses and Midwives,” focusing on the critical roles that nurses and midwives play in providing health care around the world to improve health and wellness for our communities.    

This is very timely with COVID-19 spreading across the world. Our nurses and other healthcare workers are putting themselves in the front line of the battle with coronavirus on a daily basis. Pregnant woman are asking questions about the health of their unborn children. Will they need to change their delivery plans, what are the new guidelines, what information is known at this time? 

How Can We Support Nurses and Midwives? 

Within our communities, we can show nurses and midwives our appreciation for their work and thank them for what they do to keep us healthy.  We can ask local leaders to do more to support nurses and midwives and make investments that enable them to work to their full potential.  

We can ask policy-makers to invest in nursing and midwife education and employment.  It is important to strengthen and pay more attention to nursing and midwife influence and leadership because if we do this, health services will improve.  We need to take steps to improve gathering of workforce data in order to better target resources and make changes where they are needed most.  

We can ask people in the health care field to be respectful to nurses, midwives and one another.  We need to listed to nurses and midwives views and ideas and engage them in the decision making process.  

Remember to Thank a Nurse or Midwife! 

The power of recognition goes a long way!  Share your photos on social media using the hashtag #SupportNursesAndMidwives. Make sure to personalize your messages!As we fight this invisible enemy, your thoughtfulness and thanks will go a long way to our healthcare workers. 

Are you passionate about health? Maybe a career in health care is right for you! There are many health related fields you can study at Northampton Community College.  Few callings are more important or rewarding than those that seek to help the sick, or care for individuals in need of support or medical attention.