Top 10 NCC News Stories of 2014

You picked them!

Take a look back at 2014 and the Northampton Community College stories that you, our readers, liked the most. Or at least you clicked on them the most! The most-read articles of 2014 were:

1.   Smart Students!
Who doesn't like being recognized for their hard work? When the Dean's List was posted in June, students (and proud family members) clicked on the list in droves!Commencement

2.   New Bookstore Opens
When the new bookstore opened on the Bethlehem Campus in August, readers wanted the scoop on all the renovations.

3.   Winter Commencement and Spring Commencement
Not only is commencement the highlight of the year for graduates and their families, but so is looking at the recap (and all the great photos) afterwards!

4.   Got to Give it Up for NCC Faculty and Staff
Readers gave up a lot of clicks to check out the fun photos from the Motown-inspired Staff Appreciation Dinner.

5.   NCC to Open Dorms to Local Students
When the college announced it was opening its dorms up to local students for the first time in the college's history, people wanted to know the details (and how to apply for a room!).

6.   Rare Discovery by Sonography Students
People were curious about how NCC sonography students discovered a rare tumor during a routine lab.Monroe Ribbon Cutting

7.   Big Day for Students - And for Monroe County
It took ten long years to get NCC's new campus built. It's no wonder that many wanted to know about the ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially open it on August 25.

8.   Party on the Quad!
Happy students (and faculty and staff, too!) celebrated the start of the fall semester at the annual welcome back party. No one wanted the party to end, so clicking ensued.

9.   We've Flipped!
What's a flipped classroom and what did The Express-Times have to say about those found at NCC? You wanted to know!

10.  What Spring Break?
When spring break was cancelled to make up a week's worth of classes due to winter weather, students staged a spring break stay-cation!

In addition to the latest NCC news, readers also kept clicking on "Q & A," where faculty and staff answer fun (and sometimes revealing!) questions about themselves, and "Pet of the Week" where the adorable pet of a student, faculty or staff member is featured. Look for "Q & A" and "Pet of the Week" to resume on January 12.

Happy New Year! We look forward to sharing more good news with you in 2014!