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Energy Management

Finding Solutions

ETAC has been helping companies, including small businesses, solve energy problems and reduce energy, materials, waste handling and disposal costs for over a decade. Over more than 21 years, ETAC has served more than 1000 companies. We've conducted hundreds of assessments in factories and businesses throughout the nation, helping our clients reduce annual energy use and improve the environment:

  • $20 million in annual energy savings per year
    • 87.2 million kilowatt fewer hours of electricity per year
    • 732,000 million fewer cubic feet of natural gas per year (509,759 thousand cu.ft./yr)
    • 144 million fewer gallons of water used and 132 million gallons of wastewater reduced.
  • 270,000 (short) ton reduction of CO2 / SOx / NOx emissions
  • 1.2 million pounds per year reduction of particulates
  • 30,000 metric tons reduced emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

ETAC's customized, multi-step process will guide your company in setting, achieving and sustaining clear energy management and sustainability practices. Companies can usually expect to see 25% savings on total energy costs. Even companies that have already made some energy improvements can achieve greater than 10% additional savings. Energy management is good for the environment, and it's great for your bottom line.


ETAC conducts investment-grade energy, industrial process and waste minimization assessments. Assessments include a pre-assessment questionnaire, an on-site assessment and a comprehensive final report. We focus on:

  • Electric demand control
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Combustion efficiency
  • HVAC
  • Lighting
  • Process heating and cooling
  • CHP
  • Utility purchasing
  • Equipment control
  • Compressed air
  • Motors


Once we have assessed your company's energy management situation, we will help map a plan that includes specific steps you can take to greatly reduce energy consumption. ETAC develops these plans by determining the feasibility of various actions. We will analyze the practicality of installing distributed generation such as micro and gas turbines, diesel and natural gas reciprocating engine generators and fuel cells. Using computer modeling, ETAC can help predict the performance of various renewable energy systems for your company. ETAC can also identify and quantify opportunity fuel sources, such as residual, reclaimed and reprocessed non-hazardous wastes from other industries.


Becoming an energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable operation requires technical and management-level training. ETAC has designed a training program to establish and maintain your corporate energy management program. We will train your employees in energy and waste management. We can also train you to conduct your own energy assessments in the future so that your company will become self-sufficient in energy management. Training options include distance learning and one-day conferences.

Take action today! Manufacturers that implement all our energy management recommendations, reduce their annual energy costs, on average, by 25 percent. If you are interesting in developing a comprehensive energy management and sustainability program at your manufacturing facility, please contact us:

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