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Bangor School District

Bangor School District

DeFranco Elementary School

DeFranco Elementary School began the transformative community school journey in 2008 and has since continued to offer a safe, nurturing school environment which empowers all students and their families to strive to become community leaders. Northampton Community College became the lead partner at this site in January 2011 and has added tremendous value to the work of the community school initiative through connecting classroom learning for the 5th and 6th graders to opportunities in Higher Education that exist with students and faculty at NCC.

DeFranco Elementary is in its second year of implementing the Leader In Me Program, and through this work is succeeding in improving the lives of students by helping to shape their character and leadership development. Through the modification of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, students build strong, caring relationships and practice their leadership skills by setting their own goals for personal success. In accordance with both the community school model and the Leader In Me program, students also help to create strong ties between the school system and the surrounding community. One example of this is the various food and clothing drives organized and executed by students.

Another highlight of DeFranco's commitment to linking with the community is demonstrated through its very successful celebration of local Veterans each year. Veteran's Day for students at DeFranco means they are offered the opportunity to spend the day with family and community members who have served our country through the military.

Bangor Area Middle School

Bangor Area Middle School began its journey with the community school model in 2008. Northampton Community College began overseeing and supporting the community school work taking shape at the Bangor Area Middle School in 2011 and has helped to create some real connections within NCC that have supported out of classroom learning for the students at Bangor Area Middle School.

Students at Bangor Area Middle School have a vast array of opportunities to develop their character and leadership skills. The school has created a School Ambassador program which lets students have a stronger voice in how their school operates by bringing event ideas to the table such as activities for bullying prevention. Students can also become part of the Greater Slaters, a group that is committed to the idea that all students are welcome to belong and participate in school and community activities by empowering students to have a voice.

The Bangor Area Middle School has also begun to implement the Leader in Me program and continues to emphasize Stephen Covey's 7 Habits for Highly Effective Teens in the classroom. Increased literacy proficiency, family engagement and community connectedness to the school system can all be seen as through one of Bangor Area Middle Schools best efforts called One Book One Community. This program has a mission to build literacy capacity and home libraries through students, faculty, families and community members selecting a single book and reading it over the same period of time.

Both the Bangor Area Middle School and DeFranco Elementary School receive funding support from the 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant from PA Dept. of Education to provide some of the out-of-school time programming that is offered to 5th - 8th grade students of low-income status. Exploring Your Future allows students to experience a diverse, non-traditional classroom learning experience with a mission to enhance their academic and social development. Additional funds and programming come through various combinations of public and private partnerships working with the Bangor Area School District to ensure that our students are receiving all that is possible for them to develop academically, socially and emotionally.

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