New Specialized Diploma Program: Publishing for Writers

An introduction to the publishing industry including paths to both traditional and self-publication for aspiring authors. Topics include preparing for publication, acquiring a literary agent and/or editor, the publishing industry at large, networking, and a brief discussion of independent and self-publishing. A completed manuscript or publishable work is helpful, but not required. Those that are in the process of writing their book are also welcome!

Program Narrative and Features:  

Publishing for Writers is a 6-credit specialized diploma designed to prepare aspiring authors for their path to publication. In the two courses, students will not only learn about the traditional publishing industry, but they will also learn about the process of self-publication. Some of the experiential learning components are writing and submitting query letters and synopses to literary agents and/or publishing house editors based on genre and type of publication, creating goal-oriented timelines and plans for a successful career as an author for both traditional and/or self-publishing. Successful graduates of the specialized diploma will be able to choose a publication option that best fits with their personal goals (traditional, self-publishing, independent, or hybrid).

Program Outcomes:

Graduates of the program will:  

  • Be able to navigate the pathways of traditional publishing as a writer.
  • Be proficient in writing a query letter for literary agents and/or editors to pursue a career in traditional publishing.
  • Be skilled in the basics of self-publishing. 
  • Be able to formulate a goal-oriented plan for successful publication.
  • Evaluate and select a publication option(s) to maximize career potential (i.e. traditional, self-publishing, hybrid).

Proposed Sequence of Courses:

Career Potential:

Traditionally published author, Self-published author, Independent author, Hybrid author

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