Records Resources


If you have any questions, please contact Registration and Student Records:

Phone: 610.861.5494

These forms are in PDF and require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Print the form, obtain appropriate signatures if required and fax to 610.861.5551 or mail to the Records Office for processing. It is important the form be completed with all requested information prior to submitting to ensure timely processing.

Add/Drop Form (PDF) - To be used only during Add/Drop period, first 3 weeks of Fall/Spring semester, or equivalent period in shorter length classes. Refer to Academic Calendar for specific dates.

Credit Registration (PDF)

Challenge Exam Application (PDF)

Course Withdrawal (PDF) - To be used only during Withdrawal period, after the Add/Drop period of the semester. Refer to Academic Calendar for specific dates.

Lost Password Retrieval (PDF) - To be used only if you lost or forgot your password. Do not complete if you completed a re-admit form.

Permission To Transfer Credit to NCC from another College/University (PDF)

Petition for Non-Medical Tuition Credit (PDF)

Request for Non-Disclosure of Information (PDF) - To be used by students who wish to restrict release of enrollment/directory information as defined by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 or to remove a prior restriction.

Request for Transfer Credit Evaluation

Request for Tuition Credit for Medical Reasons (PDF)

Student Release of Information (PDF)